VAT planning and dispute resolution

What is the key to managing VAT? Optimise. Reduce. Optimise your VAT deduction methodologies. Reduce your VAT costs.

To do this you need clear insight into your current VAT situation, sound VAT principles and controls imbedded in your VAT processes and a well-trained staff who understands your VAT obligations and goals.

Your challenges

  • Making your operations more VAT-efficient and improving cash flow
  • Making sure your systems are VAT compliant
  • Ensuring that you have appropriate internal controls and processes in place
  • Keeping up with changes in indirect tax legislation and the risks and opportunities accompanying them
  • Putting the rules of the EU’s VAT package in place in your organisation
  • Managing your cross-border activities
  • Dealing with indirect tax disputes
  • Negotiating rulings with the relevant VAT authorities
  • Setting up a VAT group
  • Integrating acquisitions without sacrificing value
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How PwC can help you

We will help you find opportunities to reduce VAT, providing you with:

  • high-level staff training
  • industry focused business reviews of your current business model
  • a clear view of your VAT issues and risks
  • assistance with tax planning on marketing and incentive schemes
  • a VAT-model that fully integrates new entities
  • appropriate internal controls and processes
  • a VAT structure that uses VAT grouping or local and cross-border cost-sharing associations

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