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In the current climate of tightening regulations on a global scale, the time is now to move towards a sustainable tax rate. Is your company future-ready?

PwC's Tax Bites podcast

PwC's Tax Bites podcast

Your podcast on tax matters in the EU and beyond

Taxation has been closely connected to geopolitical developments over the past century, given the connection between tax revenues and public expenditure. Having our ear on the ground in Brussels, we’ll reflect on the relevance of geopolitical developments in view of ensuring a sustainable tax model fit for the future.

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PwC’s podcast voor de (semi)publieke sector

PwC's podcast for the (semi)public sector

Current topics ranging from taxation to public law, and from VAT opportunities to the new whistleblower regulation.

This Dutch podcast series focuses specifically on the (semi)public sector: local authorities, regional authorities, semi-public bodies and hospitals. We look at what’s happening in this sector in terms of taxation, accountancy and public law.

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PwC’s Brexit podcast

PwC’s Brexit podcast series

Find out how Brexit will affect your business and the actions you need to take

Regardless of the lack of progress on a political level, businesses should be prepared to trade with the UK under new rules as of 1 January 2021. In our series of podcasts, we’ll discuss how Brexit will affect your business and the actions you need to take regarding the movement of workers (social security and immigration), regulation, direct taxation, customs and VAT.

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