Making your tax function digital proof

Businesses whose tax functions aren’t embracing emerging technologies are getting left behind. You need to innovate, but where to begin? What technologies do you need to propel your tax organisation into the future?

Your challenges

The digital revolution has provoked profound and irreversible changes in the way organisations perform their operations, leading to major transformations of their value chains. From a tax perspective, you need to understand how technology impacts the way income is generated and carefully review substance and tax considerations.

Recent and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and cloud migration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enable tax, legal and accounting functions to review their internal operating models to create added value for the business and reduce compliance costs.

How do you identify, source and implement the technologies best suited to your specific operations? How do you make your tax organisation digital-proof?

How we can help

Our PwC Tax and Digital team knows that digital transformation isn’t easy and requires multiple perspectives to be successful. That's why we always combine business, tax, technology and user experience perspectives in the solutions we develop. Your transformation journey begins at our PwC Belgium Experience Centre, where we’ll work with you to gain a deep understanding of your current business strategy, tax, legal and accounting functions and your organisation's unique needs and expectations.

Next, we’ll execute your digital transformation. Here’s how:

Upskilling in the digital world

We help your organisation with digital awareness and upskilling in the digital world, through interactive and educational sessions like our Tax Game, as well as specific training sessions around value chain transformation and new technologies like our Blockchain Game, Data & Analytics Academy, Robotic Academy and more.

Understanding the impact of your digital transformation

We help you understand the impact of digital transformation in your industry and in your operations, and provide clarity on what it means in terms of future value chain analysis and impact on substance and tax.

Reviewing and (re)designing your tax function

Our PwC Tax and Digital team will help you review and (re)design the tax function and related processes within your organisation to bring added value to your business. The goal is to understand the end-to-end process within your organisation, from the origin of your taxes through their entire lifecycle (transaction booking, reporting, payment, etc.)

 We’ll organise the framework around the following key areas:

  1. Risk, compliance and tax monitoring, tax planning and related administration

  2. Design and implementation of tax processes in transactional systems

  3. Tax accounting and analytics & reporting

  4. Tax return and payment

  5. Tax litigation, controversy and defence cases

This stage of your tax innovation journey begins at our PwC Belgium Experience Centre: we take a close look at your current processes and your organisation's needs and expectations to identify the technologies best suited to your operations. In the tactical phase, we’ll determine specific technologies to implement like chatbots, Blockchain or AI for tasks like extracting data for VAT rate determination, 'reading' legal documents or performing GAAP conversions.

Our dedicated business and technology specialists will guide you through every step of your digital journey, from ideation through implementation.