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Call on our in-depth knowledge of the world’s leading capital markets and public offering process expertise to help make your IPO launch process a success

Making your IPO a success

If you’re thinking about taking your business onto the public stage, you need to be fully prepared for the IPO journey, with the right resources in place.

  • Are your different business units and departments prepared to work together toward a common goal, during the process and thereafter?
  • Have you identified the right market(s) on which to float your company?

That decision can profoundly impact your valuation and on-going relationship with investors. And it’ll affect your structure, processes and strategy going forward.

What critical factors do you need to consider?

  • Your desired valuation
  • The depth and breadth of your investor base
  •  Long-term liquidity trends in the market and current appetite for new listings
  • The market’s regulatory requirements, including post-listing compliance obligations
  • The choices made by competitors in your peer group
  • The local economic conditions of your industry
  • The degree of prestige of the index
  • Market timing and speed to market
  •  Differences in culture, language, time zone, etc.
  •  Cost of the listing
More than 500 professionals deployed in over 30 key global capital markets

How we can help

With a cohesive team of more than 500 professionals deployed in over 30 key global capital markets, and with in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the world’s leading capital markets, we’re ideally placed to help you navigate every phase of this critical and extremely complex process.

We can help you choose the right market for your company. In particular, we can support you with industry and peer group analysis, IPO readiness assessment, Pre-IPO valuation – financial due diligence and comparison of stock exchange requirements.

Preparing your business for an IPO

Once you’ve chosen your market(s), you need to quickly get your business into the right shape to begin the process. For that, you need a well-thought-out business plan and corporate structure, a compelling equity story and appropriate governance, financial and IT systems in place. You’ll also need to be ready, from day one, to address new requirements around regulatory compliance, operations, risk management, reporting, investor relations and much more. And all of this while continuing to run your day-to-day business efficiently and strategically.

At PwC, we have the people, market presence and tools to support you through every stage of the IPO preparation process. In addition to overseeing the substantial documentation and administration required, we can accelerate the process by carrying out a comprehensive IPO readiness assessment for your organisation that highlights potential deal breakers, unforeseen issues and other critical areas where your current processes and structures might fall short of regulatory requirements and best practices. We can then help you prioritise the key areas that need remediation—so that when you’re ready to set your IPO in motion you can be confident that your processes are in line with the latest market requirements and stakeholder expectations for a listed company.

Executing your IPO

From strategy, accounting, reporting, financial systems, governance, media and investor relations, to treasury and financial risk management, legal, tax, HR, technology—every piece of the puzzle must be in place and connected before you proceed. That means orchestrating many key players—bankers, lawyers, auditors, accountants, underwriters, investor relations and IT professionals, among others.

PwC’s dedicated team of capital markets professionals are here to help you master this critical task. Each market has its own rules and its own regulatory landscape and risks to navigate. That’s why it’s so important to work with an independent advisor that has the people, presence and experience to help you execute your IPO—in whatever market(s) you select. We are that advisor.

Being public

Your IPO is just the beginning

Once listed, your company will be under far greater public scrutiny, with a vastly expanded universe of stakeholders—and a significantly larger portfolio of new risks and obligations to manage. Any weakness in systems or failure to comply with regulations may cause a loss of investor confidence—not to mention reputational damage, and the potential for significant company and personal monetary damage as well.

From day one of your life as a listed company, PwC’s IPO specialists can provide you with the operational, technical, finance and compliance support you need to survive, and thrive—today, and into the future.

Execute a debt offering

Debt capital markets are challenging and complex to navigate, and successfully completing a debt offering requires thoughtful planning and execution. Helping project manage your offering, we can define financial statement requirements and offer advice on regulatory requirements and the structuring and issuance of bonds.

We can also provide assistance with the due diligence process, drafting of the financial sections of the Offering Memorandum and communication with regulators. Our dedicated debt capital markets team has deep experience in handling a wide range of complex debt offerings.

We deliver fully integrated solutions, bringing diverse capabilities to bear, tailored to your specific business context. Working with PwC experts in other territories, we can also help you execute cross-border debt offerings.

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