PwC’s procurement flow

PwC Belgium has implemented Coupa business spend management.

Coupa is an end-to-end business spend management system that provides a centralised platform for all supplier activity. Onboarding, sourcing, contracting, requisitioning, invoicing and payment is all done via a single entry point.

What does this mean for a supplier?

As a supplier, you will receive an email to commence the onboarding process. 

From that email you will have the option to join the CSP (Coupa supplier portal) -  this can be convenient for suppliers who have several clients on the Coupa portal. 

Alternatively, you will be able to respond without joining the CSP which option will direct you to the form that gathers all the information that PwC needs to activate you as a direct supplier. 

Please find here an explanatory step by step on how to fill in the form to assure a smooth and simple onboarding. 

Register in Coupa as a PwC Supplier

Assure smooth and simple onboarding

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