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PwC is upgrading its existing procurement flow to Coupa!

PwC is digitizing its purchase-to-pay process, from the requisition to the payment of the invoice, As a result, we will collaborate in a more efficient and transparent way with our suppliers.

Coupa is an end-to-end business spend management system that provides a centralized platform for all supplier activity, via a single entry point for onboarding, sourcing, contracting, requisitioning, invoicing and payment.

What does this mean for a supplier?

As a supplier, you can onboard the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) free of charge and no further software installation is required. You’ll be able to easily manage purchase orders, send out invoices, and check the status of your transactions in real time.

Advantages of CSP

You can create and send your invoice directly in the portal from the purchase order received. This increases efficiency in invoice creation and processing for all parties..

You have easy access to the status of all your transactions: which PO should be acknowledged, delivered, invoice, status of your payment etc


The electronic invoicing in Coupa reduces errors in invoicing to a minimum. This decreases our manual checks and enables us to process invoices more quickly.

How to onboard Coupa?

You’ll receive an invitation email from us, allowing you to register on the CSP. Once registered, you’ll be able to create your CSP account. Do not worry, the first time you log in, you’ll receive a welcome tour.

Need help working with Coupa? 

Have a look at the different supporting documentation below:

For further support, do not hesitate to visit the support page of Coupa.

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