Risk consulting treasury

Identify and realise the organisational value your treasury can create

Treasury technology is evolving at an accelerated pace

Is your treasury an ideal fit for your current business needs?

  • Looking to decrease the cost of treasury and transaction banking?
  • To mitigate the risks associated with volatility in FX and interest rates?
  • Need to create a new treasury centre due to a merger or carve out, or to develop an in-house bank or payment factory?
  • Struggling with the increasing regulatory and compliance burden?

Are you exploiting these new developments intelligently while protecting your business from the increasing risk of fraud?

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How we can help

Because every treasury is different, we tailor our solutions to work for you and your organisation so they deliver maximum impact. Treasury plays a unique role in increasing organisational value.

By leveraging decades of experience and an unparalleled library of tools and accelerators, we work with you from strategy through execution, covering all disciplines;

  • regulation
  • accounting
  • payments

Our team of more than 600 treasury consultants in 60 countries has been voted Global Treasury Consultants of the year for 15 consecutive years. This is recognition by our clients of our ability to safely and successfully deliver the significant savings and improvements we commit to on each project.  

PwC has carried out more successful treasury projects in more locations than any other professional services firm.

PwC’s Automated Business Case

Do you know how much value is locked into your current cash management banking set-up? 

  • Does your company earn annual revenues > (€ or $) 500 million? 

  • Would you like to know what direct and indirect savings a cash management project could yield for your business?

  • Do you want to transform your banking landscape and treasure operations? 

With minimal information required, the Automated Business Case solution identifies your potential savings.   

PwC BankLab™ 

Optimise your cash management processes globally while delivering secured savings

  • Pre-populated, country-specific data sets makes data gathering easy and very efficient.
  • Built-in reports and dynamic dashboards allow you to analyse your current banking structure, and quickly identify areas for improvement.
  • BankLab™ automatically compares costs applied to all of your services and dynamically benchmarks them against similar sized companies, identifying the savings you’ll make.
  • Your whole tendering process with banks can be made through one single source of truth: BankLab™.

Complete now and discover what direct and indirect savings a cash management project could generate for your firm

Automated Business Case

Optimise your cash management processes globally while delivering secured savinds

BankLab™ Solution

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