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Navigating a sure path in an uncertain world

With a lot happened in the world over the past year; increased terrorism, the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union and a new government administration in the US, there’s been no shortage of change, a major consequence of which is economic uncertainty.

The increasing pace of change has a negative influence on our ability to predict events, a situation only exacerbated by greater digitisation. PwC is not just impacted by such events, we believe we have a substantial role to play in supporting businesses as they seek to deal with change, improve their performance and assure their place in the future.


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Watch what Axel Smits, Chairman of PwC Belgium, has to say about the firm’s activities from a strategic perspective and the challenges he believes we face in a continually evolving and unpredictable world.

Continued growth in a hesitant market

Despite market uncertainty, we were able to realise strong growth over the year. Our net revenues increased by 10% from 263.1 million euros in FY16 to 288.1 million euros this year.

Building on our commitment to serve clients from Strategy through Execution, our people worked more across lines of service to develop and deliver more holistic services, especially calling on emerging technologies to support the digital transformation of client businesses.

We also progressed with the digital transformation of our own firm, introducing technologies to allow people to collaborate better and improve the way in which we deliver services to clients.


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Beyond answers to holistic solutions

By truly appreciating the client’s perspective, we deliver the output they’re expecting. That’s how we’re able to establish long-term relationships, supporting clients across their business as it evolves.

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Digital & Innovation

Building the firms of the future

Digital transformation is a high priority for PwC Belgium, both in terms of evolving our own business and supporting clients with their digital endeavours.

Patrick Mortroux with Jens scheerlinck and Carmen Vandeloo


Making the difference

As a large and diverse firm, we offer the possibility to build a varied career, and we’re able to propose the possibility of a top job in the future.

PwC exmployer Celine Derom working behind a computer


Investing in continuous improvement

Quality is a topic that we focus on every single day; we make every effort to offer the highest-quality services, delivered in the most effective and efficient way.

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Being a responsible corporate citizen

We proactively seek to support and foster the inclusive transformation of our society to a more digital world, in many different ways.

PwC employers at football event

Financial results

Continued growth in a hesitant market

Despite market uncertainty, we were able to realise strong growth over the year.


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