Annual Report FY18

Serving clients from Strategy through Execution

Annual Report FY18

Serving clients from Strategy through Execution

Thriving in challenging times

Notwithstanding the increasingly competitive market in which we operate and the growing number of niche players in fields in which we’re active that are broadening the competitive landscape, we increased our net revenues by almost eight percent from 288.1 million euros in FY17 to 310.2 million euros this year.

The competitive nature of the environment will continue to intensify over the months and years to come, and regulatory complexity is likely to only increase, which is why we’re maintaining our efforts to work more and more as One firm, combining our numerous areas of deep expertise to serve clients with holistic offerings, from Strategy through Execution. In FY18, our clients - and our firm - began to truly reap the rewards of this approach, especially as companies seek to adapt to changes in society and find the solutions their business needs all under one roof.  

During FY18, we continued our significant investment in the transformation of not just our services, but skills and workspaces, especially in terms of digital technologies. Our new PwC Europe Experience Centre in Brussels is a prime example of this.

During the year, we also maintained our focus on giving back to the communities in which we operate and striving to build a value-driven culture that supports the development of sustainable businesses of all sizes for the future.

Our ability to embrace change and see the real opportunities it affords will help us keep in step and transform our business for the future

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Annual Report of FY18

Serving clients from Strategy through Execution

PwC Belgium reports on its performance and activities during FY18, showcasing the value it adds to clients as they seek to transform their businesses.

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Delivering an inimitable PwC Experience

Listening and responding to clients needs, and working side by side to deliver the high-quality output they expect.

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Playing our role in the world of tomorrow

We care for the environment and communities around us, and seek to support the ambitions of future leaders.

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Digital & Innovation

Transforming businesses by reimagining the possible

We look at challenges in new ways, using fresh perspectives - and especially new technologies - to solve business issues.

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Securing the workforce of the future

People are at the heart of everything we do; those who work for PwC, the clients we serve and the partners we work with.

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Investing in continuous improvement

Quality is a topic that we focus on every single day; we make every effort to offer the highest-quality services, delivered in the most effective and efficient way.

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