Actuarial services

Understand how actuarial valuations enhance decision making on different topics, including new regulations, pensions, audits and more.

New regulations affecting specific sectors mean increasingly demanding reporting requirements. IFRS 17 for the insurance industry is one such example.

  • Are you able to meet the requirements of new regulations alone or do you need support?

  • Are you prepared to meet the requirements in the given timeframe? 

  • Do you need some help to validate your “principle-based” assumptions?

New regulations affecting specific sectors place increased demands on reporting requirements

Your Challenges


  • Is your firm prepared to face all the challenges arising from an aging workforce and increased longevity?
  • Do you have an adequate pension plan for employees, so they’re prepared for the financial consequences of retiring?
  • Do you require actuarial valuations of employee benefits for IFRS or US GAAP reporting?
  • Do you want to have the complete picture of the risks inherent to your pension plan or its financing vehicle?
How we can help

We can help you to design a pension plan (or update your existing pension plan) in line with your HR philosophy and with a view to optimizing your investment for your employees. 

We can also support you in mapping risks, in order to help you prioritize and manage the risks associated with your pension plan, especially if your plan is financed through a pension fund. In that case, we can act as a risk manager and propose tools that will help you in your daily life by providing you with a regular and in-depth monitoring of these risks.

Actuarial valuations can be particularly beneficial before, during and following a merger or acquisition to help you estimate costs and integrate employee benefit schemes efficiently.

For pension funds, our expertise and market knowledge can help you to meet annual accounting requirements with regard to technical provisions, and to complete the ad hoc reporting efficiently.


Insurance services

  • Have you mastered your numbers?

  • Do you need more technical expertise to improve your efficiency?

  • Do you need some help to define your product strategy?

  • Do you require in-depth calculations for an audit or an upcoming acquisition?
  • Do you need help in understanding how sustainability factors are affecting your models / reporting?


How we can help

We can help you with your technical calculations,  product strategic design, and actuarial audit support. We can give you efficient M&A support (preparation of a due diligence, valuation of an upcoming acquisition). We can help you in identifying sustainability factors, assessing and integrating  their impact on product designing and reporting.


Accounting standards

Need to get to grips with accounting standards?

Firms in all sectors face reporting requirements under local and international accounting standards. New to the stock exchange? For firms looking to launch an IPO, this can be particularly daunting.

How we can help

We can demonstrate how actuarial valuations can enhance your decision-making process. Specifically, we can help you prepare calculations for reporting under IFRS, US GAAP, IPSAS and others. We can help you fully understand international accounting standards and what they mean for your company.

Our strengths

A multi-disciplinary team with multiple expertise

Based on our vast audit experience of the insurance sector, we can help you to improve efficiency and smoothen your audit process within the Solvency II framework.

We actively support specific branches of activity, such as Belgian health insurance funds (mutuelles/ziekenfonds) and large multi-branch insurance companies with Solvency II concerns and with IFRS 17 implementation, from a technical perspective.

Besides the regulatory framework such as Solvency II or IFRS 17, our Actuarial Services team is involved in a broad range of service offerings such as assumptions or model validation, pricing exercises, risk management consulting, product strategy, data analytics, and more. 

Because of the new challenges of today’s world, the insurance industry is at a turning point. PwC actuaries can help insurance companies to face current novel challenges such as digital transformation and actuarial modernisation.

Thanks to our strong Actuarial and Risk Modelling Services network, our experts can also provide out-of-the-box solutions to our clients in other industries than insurance. We can harness the power of societal, geographic, market and business data to help measure and mitigate financial implications of risks while driving growth. Watch this video for more information.


An all-inclusive approach

Our actuarial services reach far beyond the Belgian border, enabling us to call on best practice and expertise from other specialists in the PwC network. Apart from our actuarial services offering, we have leading industry experience and expertise in the fields of legal and taxation. We approach each project from all angles to make sure that all aspects are addressed.

We build strong relationships, based on trust, transparent communication, and collaboration to provide qualitative services with great added value for your organization.


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