Business restructuring

Overcoming financial challenges

If your company runs into financial problems, it’s essential to act as quickly as possible. During financially challenging periods, the information provided to financiers is of paramount importance.

Decisive and pragmatic

Restructuring your company could restore its viability and improve its liquidity position. We can show you how to achieve this by helping you to develop realistic and pragmatic plans and negotiate with stakeholders. We can also provide practical assistance with the restructuring. Our extensive experience of dealing with complex crisis situations can be used to your benefit.

How we can help

We advise and assist companies in financial difficulty,  along with the financiers and other stakeholders of these companies. Our services include:

Financial restructuring

Taking a deep dive into the immediate challenges, we identify the origin of the cause of distress before looking for an appropriate solution. This means stabilising the business first by forecasting and safeguarding the liquidity of the business. We then devise an optimal solution and work with you to implement it.

We help you to approach and gain the buy-in of all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, management and employees.

Operational restructuring

For businesses in trouble, we take an in-depth view of all operational processes to help you stop spending on non-value adding activities, and optimise processes that can turn your business around.

As well as considering how you can cut costs, we look at what sort of business model would best revitalise your business, including whether or not certain operations should be carved out. We will stay the course with you and help implement our advice.

Independent business review (IBR)

We take an independent view of your business starting from its current situation, while focussing on the future. Using an integrated approach, covering commercial opportunities, operational improvements and cash flow generation, we form a view on the business' funding requirements going forward.

Providing an outside-in view of your business plan, we can help you make sure any potential lender has a clear, comprehensive and independent assessment of your current situation. And we can tailor the review to accommodate a specific lender’s request and get the financing you need.

Distressed M&A

If you decide to sell a troubled entity, we can help you identify the most appropriate party to sell to, shortlist suitable candidates with experience in this kind of deal and with the capacity and capability to turn it around, and organise the best possible deal.

If you look to invest in a distressed business, PwC is ideally placed and trusted to provide an independent opinion to buyers, and navigate through the intricacies of buying a distressed asset.

Insolvency & liquidation services

We can help you liquidate an asset and gain the most value from the process. Working with administrators, we’re able to support the sale of a business in whole or parts, analysing where value may still be found.

We work closely with the board of directors throughout the process, providing support with all matters relating to insolvency proceedings.

Business recovery: act now to recover

Through these challenging times the route to business recovery is unlikely to be smooth and your company needs to be in the best possible shape for the journey. 

We can help you to gain control over the complex financial, operational and strategic challenges facing your organisation, and help you to drive success through a strong recovery.

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