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Assuring the ongoing relevance of our firm

Developing a winning team

We focus on recruiting and retaining talented people with the right values, and investing in their development. We guide and support employees and encourage them to continually gain new skills and experiences.

Our people are given room to experiment and grow to help them forge new paths and find new ways of doing things to the benefit of themselves, our clients and the firm as a whole.

Attracting tomorrow’s talent today

Digitisation, the shift in global economic power and increasing urbanisation all have a major impact on the way we work. That in turn has a substantial influence on the number and types of profiles we hire.

We’ve already increased our recruitment efforts for technological and scientific profiles and have people working with us with degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

We’re looking to broaden this group in the coming years.


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A learning organisation

At PwC, we recognise the importance of continuous learning to help us move forward with our professional careers. That’s why we offer a wide range of skills training to meet the exact needs of our employees in each line of service, at every stage of their career. Because we understand one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, our training and development efforts are evolving toward more customised offerings that will allow employees to opt for the modules they believe will help them progress more effectively in their chosen field of expertise.

Taking advantage of emerging technologies, we’re moving away from mainly classroom-based training to digital learning: virtual classrooms that can be recorded, video for learning, e-learning and mobile learning, allowing people to acquire new skills while on the move.

Average days of training per person

“With PwC as my only work experience - having joined the firm after graduating -, spending two years at the Belgian desk in New York really took me out of my comfort zone. I faced different client expectations and cultures, and learned to approach engagements in new ways, experiences that have certainly enriched my client relationships since.”

Evi Geerts, Director Corporate Tax Consulting

World-class career opportunities

Based on global experiences

At PwC, we encourage our people to move out of their comfort zone, and our international assignment programme helps foster that. We believe assignments with other PwC firms helps open their eyes to different cultures, ideas and ways to approach clients and engagements. Not only do they broaden their perspectives, but also their experiences and areas of expertise, and importantly their network within the global PwC group, as well as externally, with clients and other contacts they meet during their time abroad.

We offer the opportunity to take on assignments all around the global PwC network in all lines of service. And we of course welcome assignees from other PwC firms.

Creating a balanced workplace

Focusing on diversity

We hire people with different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and aspirations.

Our aim is to create an inclusive workplace which embraces the diversity of our people and supports them in achieving their personal and professional goals while enhancing business performance. We believe this is a key success factor in our ability to attract and retain talented individuals.

The boomerang effect

We try to keep in touch will former employees, not only to keep them up to date with news about the firm, but to alert them to new opportunities that may be the next professional step they’re looking for.

Quite a number of people return to PwC to continue building their career, bringing with them additional experience and expertise.

We stay in touch with people in a number of ways, including via a dedicated Alumni programme and online platform.


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