Cybersecurity and privacy

What is the security posture of your organisation? Are you prepared for a cyber attack or data breach? PwC can help.

PwC houses one of the largest and most skilled teams in Belgium when it comes to Cybersecurity and Privacy (C&P). We’ve combined our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data protection capabilities with our cyber and information specialists to help build a secure digital society.

In a climate of increasing cyber crime, a shortage of cyber and compliance professionals and consumer loyalty heavily dependent on user experience and trust, PwC’s Cybersecurity and Privacy practice will provide all the capabilities you need to help you manage these risks – protecting your data, your brand and your business.

PwC’s Cybersecurity and Privacy practice will provide all the capabilities you need to help you manage these risks – protecting your data, your brand and your business

Strategy and transformation

Many organisations are pursuing recent and emerging technologies to develop new products, services, or ways of doing business. Think cloud migration, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, companies don’t always consider the emerging cybersecurity threats that could impact these systems after they’re implemented.

We can help you assess, manage, plan, and transform your IT and cybersecurity architecture. Our C&P specialists will define and help run your cybersecurity programme, like for the Directive on security of Network and Information Systems (the NIS Directive), and services.

We work with you to evaluate your environment and understand key risks, transform your cybersecurity capabilities to enable your business, sustain and simplify compliance, and build trust with stakeholders. We generally use publicly available frameworks such as the ISO 27000 standards (mainly ISO 27001 and 27002), the CSC top 20, NIST or similar.

We’re also specialists in working on your human firewall. We offer a range of security awareness solutions, from training to phishing exercises and social engineering, to full-fledged security culture programmes.

Privacy and consumer protection

At PwC, we help organisations build trust with consumers, regulators, and other stakeholders in their use of personal information. We can help you evaluate how privacy impacts your business and institute a thorough rule book informed by insights from our global privacy framework. Our C&P specialists will help you craft privacy strategies to confidently support your growth and advance your business model. We can help you turn GDPR compliance into a competitive advantage.

We believe in consumer protection and privacy by design. Our highly experienced team uses proprietary technology and has the diversity,  perspective and knowledge required to help our clients stay ahead of change. We also support our clients in case of a data breach or complaint and, through PwC Legal, offer legal support.

Visit our dedicated privacy page for more info.

Implementation and operations

PwC works with you to architect, design, and implement cybersecurity solutions (such as IAM – Identity & Access Management, PAM – Privileged Access Management, DLP – Data Loss Prevention, SIEM – Security Incident and Event Management, and other SOC – Security Operations Centre services) that elevate your security posture and deliver on your strategic cybersecurity goals. For this purpose we maintain alliances with key vendors like Claroty, CyberArk,, ForgeRock, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Palo Alto, SailPoint and Tanium.

While many of the core disciplines delivered by our team remain unchanged, the technologies used to support these disciplines and the paradigms by which they are delivered are rapidly evolving along with your business realities. Our teams focus on continuously adapting our strategy to align to these challenges.

Co-sourced cyber services

Our co-sourced cyber services provide competitive, ‘white glove’-managed security services across several key offerings. These high-value services are what helps set PwC apart. Providing long term expertise, our cybersecurity managed services can bring an experienced team ready to meet the specific technical and business needs of your organisation.

Our managed services can help with the management and continual enhancement of critical security components.

Incident, threat, crisis and continuity management

We help you understand dynamic cyber challenges, adapt and respond to risks inherent to your business ecosystem and prioritise and protect the most valuable assets fundamental to your organisation strategy.

Our PwC C&P specialists can help your organisation prepare for a cybersecurity incident by providing response policies, procedures and playbooks, performing tabletop exercises and using proprietary tools – like our PwC Hacking Experience and Game of Threats - to help build, evaluate, and test your technical incident response capabilities. We also have IT forensic capabilities to support clients in case of a breach or compromise, or to support our colleagues from Forensic Services during an investigation.

Our services range from classic disaster recovery planning and business continuity management, to crisis management and help with implementing integrated management systems (ISO 22301, ISO 27001 and others). We  support you in achieving true organisational resilience.

We also have a strong penetration testing team that can handle not only IT and consumer technology, but also Operational Technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and hardware, offering a broad range of different types of assessments at the infrastructure, middleware and application layers. We also do Red Team Exercises, in the context of TIBER (Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming), for example. PwC is also a OWASP SAMM practitioner.  Furthermore, we have experts in secure development and software assurance, and offer DevSecOps solutions and implementation support.

Cybersecurity improvement programs for SMEs

Are you a Flemish small or medium-sized enterprise? Do you know how well your business is protected against common cyber attacks such as ransomware?

Check out our VLAIO cyber readiness offering and take advantage of a 45% discount offered by the Flemish government.

Discover the offering

Agentschap innovatie & ondernemen en PwC Belgie: Bouwen aan je #digitaletoekomst

NIS2 IAM Essentials: Understanding the Role of Identity & Access Management

Discover the key to navigating the Network and Information Security 2 Directive (NIS2) with our comprehensive whitepaper, "NIS2 IAM Essentials: Understanding the Role of Identity & Access Management." 

As the countdown to the 17 October 2024 begins, it is crucial for organisations across the European Union – including Belgian ones – to ensure compliance with this groundbreaking directive. But NIS2 goes beyond mere compliance, serving as a benchmark for European organisations worldwide. Whether or not your organisation falls within the directive's scope, our whitepaper provides invaluable insights into Identity and Access Management (IAM) from the perspective of NIS2. 

Uncover the seven actionable steps you can take today to prepare for NIS2 and safeguard your organisation's security.

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