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PwC's Tax Bites

Your podcast on tax matters in the EU and beyond

PwC Belgium’s delighted to announce that we’re launching a new podcast series: Tax Bites, about tax developments in the EU and beyond. Each podcast will feature an interview conducted by international tax specialist Pieter Deré, with fellow tax experts. 

Taxation has been closely connected to geopolitical developments over the past century, given the connection between tax revenues and public expenditure. Having our ear on the ground in Brussels, we’ll reflect on the relevance of geopolitical developments in view of ensuring a sustainable tax model fit for the future. We’ll share the most recent insights into important tax developments to keep you on top of topics your tax teams need to manage and be aware of.

You can listen to our Tax Bites by clicking on the episode tiles below, or you can subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.


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PwC's Tax Bites: Your podcast on tax matters in the EU and beyond

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Jonas Van de Gucht

Jonas Van de Gucht

Partner, PwC Belgium

Tel: +32 478 79 39 77

Pieter Deré

Pieter Deré

Director, PwC Belgium

Tel: +32 498 48 95 11