Be yourself, be different

Developing a diverse and inclusive culture

We strongly believe that only by having a truly diverse workforce and a blend of opinions can we make valuable, future-proof decisions. This includes diversity of any kind, such as culture and beliefs, age, national origin, religion, gender identity, disabilities and sexual orientation. Above all, we believe that we achieve even better results when everyone can be their true self.

Getting diversity right

At PwC, we’re committed to creating a fully inclusive workplace where everyone can be themselves, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual and self-identifying people (LGBTQIA+). Our aim is to offer an inclusive culture where everyone feels involved and valued - not in spite of but thanks to their differences, and where they can be their authentic self. These ambitions are mirrored in the way we hire, promote, etc. people.

Supporting the growth of female talent

PwC has a long-standing relationship with Women on Board, an association dedicated to helping large firms, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and NGOs build gender-diverse boards. The interactions and advice we gain significantly support our efforts for better gender balance. Together, we’ve created a key talent programme to support the growth of key female talent.

Fostering diverse digital development

While via a structural partnership we support MolenGeek’s growth, the tech ecosystem is encouraging PwC to look at talent through a different, more diverse lens and become a true reflection of society. We’ve also welcomed 19 MolenGeek students to PwC to meet our people and benefit from six months of mentoring. And we’ve interviewed different profiles from the tech ecosystem to work with us.

Letting people SHINE 

Shine is PwC’s LGBTQIA+ diversity network. The name was chosen to reflect our vision to create a friendly and inclusive workplace for LGBTQIA+ colleagues and allies. Everyone within PwC is free to join our SHINE activities and events, as a member, an ally or an occasional visitor.

Being an ambassador for inclusion and diversity

We approach dignity and equality in different ways, both through discussion with leaders and the network and by reaching out to our people. We’ve more than 200 I&D (inclusion and diversity) ambassadors across the firm who help us inspire people and create a workspace where everyone feels respected, valued and free to be themselves. The ambassador community comes together on a regular basis in employee resource groups (ERGs) to discuss ideas and challenges around different key focus areas, including inclusive  and diverse recruitment, nationalities, ethnicities and race, religion and culture,  (dis)ability, LGBTQIA+, languages, different career tracks, wellbeing and mental health and inclusive leadership.

Speaking the same language

With almost 50 nationalities represented within PwC Belgium, we work hard to make sure that everyone feels included and everyone can understand each other. All internal communications are in English (with the exception of Comité voor preventie en bescherming op het werk (CPBW) reports which for legal reasons, given the location of our Brussels headquarters, must be in Dutch).

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