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PwC’s core expertise lies in People & Transformation – defining the employee experience and the optimal approach to managing people. Our extensive range of services means that we offer a distinctive and comprehensive approach, one which can help you define and shape a holistic value proposition, supporting various types of transformations by placing people at the heart of your endeavours.

Tackling the talent shortage

One of the most pressing challenges currently facing healthcare companies is the scarcity of available talent. Recruiting the skilled workforce necessary for the future is an increasingly competitive endeavour. It is therefore vital to position your organisation as an attractive and rewarding place to work. According to the PwC’s Global Hopes & Fears Survey 2023, only 44% of employees in the Belgian healthcare industry occasionally find their behaviours aligned with the company values and direction.¹

Creating an appealing environment with a clear direction can be challenging; PwC will assist you in achieving this goal.

Prospective employees will consider your corporate culture, your commitment to staff wellbeing and the compensation packages on offer. These elements are critical components in creating a compelling proposition. Employees content with their work environment tend to be happier and better engaged, positively influencing the entire organisation. 

A significant proportion - 57% - cite insufficient resources from the organisation, such as staffing shortages and unreasonable timelines, as leading causes of unmanageable workloads.² Implementing even minor improvements in this regard can yield substantial benefits. PwC can provide you with an independent and external perspective on the steps needed to present the fresh and modern standards that align with the expectations of your employees.

In addition, we can assist you in forecasting, assessing and optimising your workforce while profiling the specific qualities and skills you should seek. We can help identify the most suitable recruitment sources and assist in the planning and budgeting necessary to onboard new talent. In our Hopes & Fears survey, we identified the skills that industry employees expect to be most relevant over the next five years, which include adaptability as well as critical thinking and strong collaborative abilities.³

Embracing change

It is critical to embrace and adapt to change in the healthcare industry. Digitisation, such as the integration of AI and the implementation of ERP/CM systems are key strategies for enhancing patient care and operational efficiency and for delivering improved healthcare services.

These changes unavoidably necessitate structural changes within organisations. While change is a normal and ongoing process in all businesses and organisations, it must adapt to circumstances. In the sector, 89% of employees consider adaptability an important career skill for the next five years. The change process, however, must be carefully managed both internally and externally. Existing employees must be able to grasp the logic behind the required changes, gain insight into the specifics and understand the implications for them.

PwC can guide you through the change process and facilitate a smoother and less disruptive transition. We will provide you with high-level guidance to implement those aspects that will position you as an employer of choice.





How can PwC help you in Talent and Resources?

Establishing the desired company culture

Modern organisations demand modern cultures. Through our offerings, PwC can help you cultivate the desired values and inclusive behaviours within your organisation, including:

  • Assessing your existing culture through a cultural diagnosis

  • Developing a strategic plan to develop your culture

  • Integrating the formal and informal cultural-enabling mechanisms

  • Assisting in measuring behavioural change

  • Using market-leading PwC tools, including real-time behaviour analysis, performance alignment and our Culture Diagnostic Accelerator™.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Ideally, recruitment planning aligns with a company’s strategy and objectives. PwC helps you implement Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), ensuring the right personnel are available when needed. This comprehensive approach considers skills, competencies and cultural alignment in recruitment. PwC will assess your talent pool, identify gaps and pinpoint areas for improvement. We will guide you in those specific areas where you should focus on upskilling or reskilling.

Managing operational change and transitions

Introducing new systems and innovative approaches may necessitate significant changes in the workplace. PwC can assist you in managing:

  • Change Readiness Assessment – Assessing your organisation’s preparedness for change.
  • Change Impact Analysis – Evaluating how proposed changes will affect people and the organisational environment.

  • Communication Strategy – Designing and implementing a communication process to inform stakeholders on the reasons for change and its implications.

  • Training and Skill Development – Identifying the skills needed for change and designing relevant training programmes (58% expect the skills their job requires to change significantly in the next five years).

  • Leadership Development – Equipping management with the skills required to effectively drive and manage change (67% believe their management have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to be effective).

  • Creating Change Ambassadors – Identifying and establishing ‘Change Champions’ as credible advocates, providing support throughout the change process.

Dealing with Legislative change

New legislation can often be a trigger for substantial change, necessitating detailed advance preparation. PwC can:

  • Keep you informed on pending legislation and its potential implications for workers

  • Identify steps to ensure your preparedness, tailored to your particular circumstances
  • Assist in updating policies, procedures and providing essential training
  • Enhance your approach to people management.

PwC will guide you through these transitions, helping minimise disruptions to your workforce.

Environmental, Social and Governance

It is well established that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations have a profound impact on every facet of business, with talent and people management no exception. Building an ESG-oriented culture is fundamental in meeting employee expectations, who rightfully assume their employers will demonstrate respect for both their workforce and suppliers as well as upholding commitments to sustainability and diversity. Our team at PwC helps you integrate these elements, creating an ideal office environment that both retains and attracts the finest talent.

PwC – a ‘one-stop-shop’ with access to all the talents

These are just a few areas where PwC’s talent and diversity team can support you. Whether it’s management challenges, exploring employee rewards, tackling tax issues or seeking legal insights, PwC’s unique ‘one-stop-shop’ approach is prepared and equipped to provide assistance. We can also leverage other PwC in-house expertise to address other issues that may arise.

The data points mentioned are derived from PwC’s Global Hopes & Fears Survey 2023, which aimed to gain a deeper insight into employee attitudes and behaviours. A total of 53,912 employees participated globally, 1,000 of them located in Belgium. Among these Belgian respondents, 142 are active in the healthcare industry.

Thought Leadership

If you want to know more about PwC and how we view the future of healthcare, read our thought leadership contributions. 

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