Risk management & business resilience

Could your business survive a major world event – or even a local crisis?

Prepare your business for sudden shocks and mitigate impact, and manage sustainability topics effectively to create strategic advantage.

  • Do you feel fully prepared to deal with the sudden shock and aftermath of a major world incident - political coup, plummeting or rocketing oil prices, tsunami, currency crash, conflict – a so-called ‘black swan event’?
  • Or even a lesser, more local predicament?
  • How would it affect your supply chain and sales, day-to-day operations and staff?

Such events and their impact not only affect major corporations; smaller firms, associations, NGOs, public authorities and entities are just as vulnerable. While you obviously can’t prevent such events occurring, you can prepare your business and mitigate the impact. By looking for potential risk areas and identifying root causes, you can build in ways to absorb shock, creating resilience and assuring business continuity.

Make more informed decisions

Effective enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) also supports business growth. Taking risks based on informed decisions means you can more readily take advantage of emerging opportunities and enter new markets.


Make more informed decisions

How we can help

We take a very structured approach to risk management. Rather than solely considering lagging indicators, measuring impact, we look for root causes and lead indicators, predictive measures appropriate to your specific business context. We look beyond common risks to take into account atypical risks you may have believed insignificant to your operations.

Use risk to your advantage

We can help design and introduce a strategic and operational recovery plan to make sure your business is back up and running as quickly as possible, in the event of disaster. We can also help you introduce a robust business continuity management programme.

Managing risk and creating a risk profile will help you increase your entity’s resilience over the longer term. It’s also useful for decision making, helping you determine which opportunities you can afford to pursue.

Via internal audit, we can help you assess whether the controls you have in place continue to manage risks adequately and are in line with evolving strategic ambitions.

Cultivate stakeholder trust

If your existing internal controls prove to be inadequate, we can help design processes that will help you steer your business in the right direction and sustain stakeholder trust. We also have extensive experience in helping clients report on controls or compliance and assessing the effectiveness of their board in overseeing activities and helping avoid nasty surprises. Embedding and sustaining behavioural & cultural governance within your organisation will help you further strengthen business resilience.

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