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Digital isn’t just about the technologies, it’s about new ways of solving problems, creating unique experiences and accelerating business while leveraging your core expertise. Are you embracing change?

Your challenges

  • Is your business fit for the digital age? Are you agile and do you have the maturity to be able to adapt quickly to customer demands and market changes?
  • Does IT deliver what you need, rather than what it thinks you should have?
  • Does IT speak the same language as the business, or is there a disconnect in communication resulting in costly unfinished projects and solutions that don’t add real value or help move the business in the direction you’re looking to go?

What do we mean by ‘digital’?

For PwC, digital is much more than just using emerging technologies like Blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics. It’s about new ways of solving problems. The digital age opens up a whole range of new opportunities for a company to reinvent itself, from the inside and the outside via new partnerships and broader ecosystems.

To lead and drive the necessary change for organisations to remain relevant on the market, business leaders must have a clear and common understanding of exactly what digital means to them and to their business.

How we can help

We help define what digital really means to your business in different areas, starting with an assessment of your digital maturity at organisational and workforce levels.

  • Disruption: transform your business and leapfrog competition with innovative business models and new products and services.
  • Experience: elevate your company brand by creating meaningful digital interactions to increase customer acquisition and engagement and to build a loyal fan base.
  • Operations: evolve business processes to drive employee productivity, increase operational efficiency and maximise long-term growth.
  • Workforce: empower employees and position your business for tomorrow by changing how they learn, think, interact and solve problems with digital.
  • Trust: keep your data secure to inspire trust in your business.

What makes PwC unique?

We help create true business transformation with the power of perspective and we transform ideas into concrete results quickly and effectively.

We look at your challenges through a different lens. Most transformation initiatives led by business experts focus only on the Business dimension.

PwC believes that the winning transformation formula is to combine the Business dimension with both the eXperience and Technology perspectives to ensure the selected initiatives are valuable and viable and that users will adopt them.

Through this BXT philosophy, we combine the diverse viewpoints of your executives, managers, front line workers and even your customers with our business strategists, experience designers and technology specialists to identify solutions that are invisible when looking through a single lens.


Client-centricity at the core  

The client-centric approach remains the foundation of the BXT philosophy. It  requires thorough research and user understanding, as well as involvement throughout the whole end-to-end process (usability tests, etc.)

User design User engagement
User measuring User research

PwC leverages various assets and methods to accelerate the adoption and development of (digital) transformation initiatives:

  • PwC Experience Centre to support clients in the exploration, design and build phases of their digital transformation by:
    • Viewing solutions through multiple lenses (talent)
    • Inspiring creativity and collaboration (space)
    • Turning ideas into results (method)
  • Strong capabilities in Business, eXperience and Technology, with the recent reinforcement of our customer and user experience design capabilities
  • Proven assets and methods (digital operations platform, digital PMO framework, etc.)

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