Buy-side due diligence

Providing real peace of mind

Understanding and confirming assumptions

Financial due diligence is about providing you with peace of mind as a corporate or financial buyer. By analysing and validating all financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions being made, we help enhance your understanding of the target business, increasing the likelihood that your deal will achieve its objectives.

We can also help identify critical success factors that will improve your understanding of all relevant issues, so that you can make more informed decisions, and highlight strengths that can be built upon and weaknesses that need resolving through more in-depth analysis. Based on results, you’ll be better placed to define cost savings and revenue enhancements by focusing on available synergies and quantifying what’s achievable.

Due diligence validates a target’s historic financials and forecasts, and helps you identify the real sources of profit and cash flow, assess their sustainability and underlying free cash and confirm the value drivers. It can also highlight issues that may be deal breakers.

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