Our culture

Making us who we are, our core values

Our purpose as a firm is to build trust in society and solve important problems. Our ability to successfully deliver on this lies in the fact that at PwC we share a common set of values – globally. Although we come from different backgrounds and often cultures, we share the same aspirations and expectations. We share knowledge and insights to accomplish things that we never could have alone.

​Our values make us who we are, and hold us accountable to do our best. They direct how we make decisions and how we serve clients. It's the combination of these values that makes PwC unique. That helps us maintain a fair and respectful workplace, and make the right choices in a complex world.



Act with integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest. Of having strong moral principles that you refuse to change. Acting with integrity means speaking up for what’s right, even when no one is watching. And when it’s the harder choice. Or when it feels difficult.

Acting with integrity means making decisions and behaving as if it were our personal reputation at stake. Because in a way it is. If we breach our integrity, we not only risk trust in our firm, but in ourselves, as advisors and guides. Acting with integrity also means delivering the highest quality outcomes.

Quality has always been the cornerstone of our brand. Only by acting in an honest and trustworthy way, can we continue to make that claim.

Make a difference

Our ability to make a difference is an important part of who we are and how we serve clients. That’s why ‘make a difference’ is one of our key values. How can we be sure that we have an impact and positively influence outcomes?
By staying up to date and informed about things happening in the world. By asking questions and committing to continually bettering ourselves. And by sharing what we learn and supporting others.
When circumstances change – as they often do – people who truly make a difference are agile enough to respond and move in new directions.


Our shared values and behaviours help set PwC apart in the market. Care is one of those values. And it’s key to our ability to collaborate and work together as one firm. At PwC, caring means making the effort to understand what matters to other people. Not just internally, but listening to clients, suppliers and other stakeholders too.
Caring means recognising the value that each individual contributes to an outcome. It entails helping others grow. Working in ways that help bring out the best in them.

Work together

PwC is a large and extremely diverse organisation. Diverse in terms of the services we offer and the people who work with us. And diverse in terms of our client base. Despite our differences, we must be able to work together.

To collaborate, share ideas and knowledge. And share relationships too. It’s important to introduce colleagues to peers within and outside the organisation. As a diverse population, we should be able to cope with a wide range of perspectives and ideas. And collaborate with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Working together means accepting the good and the less good. By asking for – and giving – feedback, we’re better able to improve the way we work with others. And help others improve too.

Reimagine the possible

When we reimagine the possible, we dare to challenge the status quo. We have the courage to try new things. And that helps foster greater innovation. By testing new ideas and learning from failures, we’re able to pioneer new concepts. To develop new services and ways of working. While not every idea will result in a great success, it’s important to keep an open mind to the possibility of each. And what it could help us accomplish.

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