Tax Fund Reporting Services

Do you manage savings products distributed in Belgium like SICAV, contractual mutual funds or private equity funds? Are you able to produce the tax data privileged by banks and investors?

Your investment fund tax calculation challenges

The growing complexity of tax matters coupled with an increasing withholding tax rate has made it crucial for investors and Belgian banks alike to obtain granular tax information from their investment funds. As a result, you need accurate Belgian tax figures as a differentiating factor for your investment funds distributed on the Belgian market. 

Benefits of the Funds&Be.Tax computation tool

Our online tax data solution can help

PwC’s Belgian Tax Fund Reporting Services offers plug-and-play online computation libraries to produce the Belgian tax data required for a competitive distribution of your funds on the Belgian market. The tool works ‘out of the box’ and doesn’t require any development on your side.

Our Belgian Tax Fund Reporting Services provides peace of mind for the Belgian tax data computation of your funds, as it’s handled from end-to-end by PwC through automated interfaces with your administrator. Transmission of the results to selected banks or data providers is included.

Benefits of the Belgian Tax Fund service computation

Benefits of the Belgian Tax Fund Reporting Services computation tool

  • A unique combination of tax knowledge and operational solutions run by our tax experts and IT/OPS specialists

  • Peace of mind regarding the Belgian tax figures you provide your stakeholders

  • Tax watch for fast and accurate reactions and increased agility to cope with the numerous tax and market practice changes

  • Timely updates of the computation methodology in response to changes in tax law or administrative doctrine