Financial Audit

Get more out of an audit than just confirmation of compliance

With a risk-based approach to financial audit, we help you establish a highly reliable source on which to base business decisions.

  • Are you using your financial audit to add value to your business or are you simply doing it because you must?
  • Did you know that you can get much more out of an audit than simply confirmation of compliance?

You can use it to identify risk areas and opportunities, get a fresh perspective, create real business insight and business transparency, and generate awareness around the areas critical to driving stakeholder decisions.

With an independent, high-quality financial audit, you not only establish a highly reliable source on which to base business decisions, but you also create trust for your company and your brand in the market. With a robust audit, you’re much better placed to avoid nasty surprises and mitigate their impact should they occur.

And it doesn’t have to be a painful, time-consuming process. With an experienced partner and using advanced audit technologies, you can make the process much more efficient, saving both time and money.

How we can help

Using technology to add value

We’ve developed a number of state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to facilitate the audit process and minimise the time you, as our client, need to spend. We’ve a created a number of templates that help make sure risks are set at appropriate levels. That doesn’t mean that we take a one-size-fits-all approach. Far from it. Every action is tailored to your business and carried out with your precise needs in mind. Our templates simply make sure that results are of a consistent high quality. They also help make the process much more efficient.

From the outset, we study your internal processes and offer advice as to how you can make the audit process as efficient and straightforward as possible. Calling on advanced techniques such as data analytics and process mining, we provide distinct business insights across different processes and help you understand processes as they really are.

We even have a highly secure platform available to which all involved staff can upload required data at a time and from a location convenient to them, further easing the process. This has proven to be especially beneficial for clients with several touch points in diverse locations required to provide data input.

Our people listen

We approach every audit as a new project, learning about your business, your ambitions and your individual needs, and work with you from there. Our people are not only well-versed in the processes and tools required to carry out a fruitful financial audit, but also in how to use the process to help you achieve your objectives and steer business growth. Clear communication is key. We openly discuss ideas with you at every step of the process to find the best course of action. We offer constructive feedback and expect the same from you.

Every project is overseen by a PwC engagement leader, a senior team member whose involvement helps secure the value you’re looking for. We also call on the experience and best practices of other audit experts within PwC Europe and the global company as a whole, that’s how we bring together the best people for each project.

We focus on opportunity

As a professional external partner, we look at your business from a new angle, offering fresh insight. Rather than just ticking the boxes and making sure the audit is complete, we also identify themes that can add real value going forward. We take a risk-based approach to focus on the areas that offer the greatest opportunity for your business.

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