Business planning

Identifying financials going forward

Devising a strong business plan means looking beyond business profitability. We analyse historical financial and operational key performance indicators (KPIs) and forecast future performance by linking projected operational KPIs to the market. We always look at the complete set of financial statements (P&L, balance sheet, cash flows) to provide a helicopter view of the company.

Calling on our substantial experience and expertise with different industries, we understand sector differentiators and can create a plan in line with historical performance and with the market. We also incorporate due diligence insights and in-house knowledge to create a fully customised plan that truly reflects your company.

Working with you to understand your strategic challenges, and in tandem with our strategic experts, we identify a number of strategic options and translate those options into financial models to show the impact of each on your business.

The strength of our offering lies in our unique capability to combine solid strategic experience and expertise with strong finance and financial modelling skills to deliver tangible solutions to help you decide how to move your business forward.

We can help you elaborate your business plan for different purposes such as M&A, strategic, reorganisation or refinancing.

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