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The real estate landscape is changing, literally. Our physical environment is being shaped by a growing, connected society. But there are other changes too. Sustainability, urbanisation, demographic shifts, competition from emerging markets, advances in technology, and the evolving financial ecosystem all have implications for real estate investment and development.  

And real estate is only one part of the picture. Infrastructure is the other vital component of our physical world. Together they are ‘real assets’, and at this time of heightened environmental stress, it’s never been more important to get them right. 

Our team combines the capability, the cross-sector insight, and the global track record of infrastructure and real estate professionals that you need, so you can act and invest with confidence. We help you deliver enduring benefits to the built environment, to our economy, and to wider society.

Brussels has entered the top 10 cities in Europe, helped by its location, resilient stock, and yields which actually decreased during the pandemic. Brussels is young and innovative. On the other hand, there is concern about excess office capacity.

Grégory Jurion, Partner and Real Estate leader at PwC Belgium

Why PwC for real assets? 

Our integrated services

The world is changing. And as the real estate asset pool grows, the opportunities and risks of investment are changing too. Real estate players need to get fit for the future: success will depend on global networks, specialist expertise and innovation, cost management and scale, as well as having the right people for the job.

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We offer all of this: years of expertise in a huge range of areas, a vast global network, a pedigree that combines world-class management with innovation. That’s unique in itself, but what really sets us apart from our competitors is the full range of services all in one place. Our integrated service capabilities mean that we are with you every step of the way, from strategy and planning to execution. We have the knowledge to give you the power.

How we can help 

When it comes to real estate and real assets, our integrated capabilities make us the perfect hub for everything you need. We have experienced experts on hand to guide you through every step in the life-cycle of your real estate project.

Strategy and planning

Are you really getting the most out of your resources - your time, your people, your money? Have you got a plan to help you shape the future you want? Are you prepared to tackle the challenges, organisational and  financial, that may lie ahead?


  • Market assessment and economic impact studies
  • Real estate portfolio review/restructuring
  • Sustainability strategy / climate change impact
  • ESG
  • Corporate real estate advisory
  • Merger or business acquisition considerations
  • Real estate fund design and structuring 
  • Financial Modelling / business Planning / cash repatriation modelling
  • Feasability studies
  • Regulatory
  • REIT conversions
  • Infrastructure and project finance
  • PPP support
  • CP&I

Deals and transactions

Are you sure of your ground? Have you checked your figures, verified your data, and adjusted your allocation of resources if needed? Is your internal team able and ready to deal with all phases of the due diligence process?


  • Capital Markets
  • Real Estate and Company valuations
  • Deal Structuring
  • Cash-flow modelling and business planning
  • Acquisition due diligence - Finance / Tax
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Deal negotiation
  • Share purchase agreements
  • Assistance in sale & lease back operations
  • Special Audits / certification - Completion accounts audit

Optimising operations

The market is changing, technology is evolving. There are new opportunities out there but it takes expertise to capitalise on them. What are you doing to take advantage and shape your future?


  • Financial statutory and contractual audit (BEGaap, IFRS, ...)
  • Accounting and tax compliance (BEGAAP / IFRS)
  • Engagement Center
  • Fair value valuations
  • Transfer pricing compliance reviews
  • Tax advices (CIT, VAT, ...)
  • Optimisation of property-related taxes
  • Cost cutting through VAT optimisation
  • Complex accounting advices / support
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Tax regularisation and dispute resolution
  • Regulatory advices, support


Have you got an exit strategy? When the time comes for an exit, will you be prepared? Do you know what to do to get the greatest advantage and value from an exit?


  • Sell side due diligence (Vendor assistance, Vendor Due Diligence)
  • Real Estate and Company Valuation
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Tax-deferred exchanges
  • Compliance, reporting and tax
  • Complex accounting

Innovation and digital

Are you ready to take advantage of new digital trends? As digitisation changes the face of the real estate industry, and throws up new challenges, are you ready to embrace the rise of new business models, such as ‘shared working’ and ‘space-as-a-service’? How are you making data and analytics work for you?


  • Digital
  • PropTech
  • Subsidies and tax incentives

Real estate law - PwC Legal

PwC Legal is with you every step of the way. We’ll be right at hand with all the expertise you need, and all the information to give you the edge:

  • Do you want to structure a new real estate fund?

  • What do your prospective buyers need to know?

  • How do you go about structuring the sale of a property?

  • Do you want to buy a property, and need to find the best way to finance the purchase?

These are the questions. PwC Legal gives you the legal expertise you need so that you can answer them with confidence - every step of the way.

Shaping the future with infrastructure

Infrastructure is what connects us. Without roads, there are no villages, towns or cities. Bridges link islands to the mainland and even country to country.  And without water, power and telecommunication networks, civilisation would barely exist. So it’s no wonder that infrastructure projects are the ones that make history. They change the landscape and they change the world. 

Thanks to the EU’s environmental ambitions, public and private partnerships are set to boom. But both investors and public bodies need expert financial, tax and accounting advice to ensure a successful and on-budget infrastructure project. Our team of experts can help attract the financing needed for such ambitious projects, both in terms of equity and debt financing. Our competence also extends to the structuring of projects from a tax and accounting perspective.

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