Valuation services

Determining the market value of entities and assets

Understanding true worth in different contexts

With vast proven experience in different sectors, our valuation specialists can give you an in-depth understanding of the value of a business or asset (such as machinery, real estate, intangible assets etc.), whether it’s an entity you’re looking to purchase, sell, find new investment for or for any other purpose (strategic, financial, tax or restructuring).

We can perform purchase price allocation (PPA) and impairment tests as independent advisers in relation to local or international accounting standards, and determine the market value in intercompany transactions and tax structurings.

We can also deliver independent value and fairness opinions for regulatory purposes, dispute resolution and related-parties transactions, and in the case of a hostile bid, our valuation teams can prepare a robust defence by analysing the assumptions made by the bidder to help you build a case against them.

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Company valuation

In considering a company’s value, we take a pragmatic approach tailored to its specific characteristics, especially size, geography and business operations. By understanding the business and industry sector it’s in, linking its operations and strategy, we discover the story behind the value and are able to apply relevant methodologies to offer a reliable valuation.

With a large team of dedicated valuation experts in Belgium, we have the resources and knowhow to address all aspects and find tactical solutions, at a rapid pace. Our sector expertise and experience, enables us to position solutions appropriately for your specific industry.

Company valuation for start-ups and scale-ups

One of the biggest determinants of the value of a young company is market forces on the sector it’s in.

With broad industry knowledge, especially of the technology sector, we’re ideally placed to understand the value of a start-up or scale-up, linking current operations and strategy to discover the story behind the value and identifying future potential.

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Optimise the value of your business

We offer an independent view of all operations and overhead functions to make sure you fully understand how your business model and operational structures link to your financials, and we look for potential pockets of value to makes sure that areas of opportunity aren’t missed.

We can also help you consider how to enter new markets, if that’s your ambition, how to adapt production operations, if appropriate, how to secure future revenue and more.

All findings are translated into actionable implementation plans allowing shareholders and management to deliver on the envisaged strategy and track the financial impact.


How to optimise the value of your business

Impairment testing

Is the goodwill you paid during a transaction still valid years later?

Working predominantly on IFRS accounts, we can help verify the current worth of goodwill paid. We can also review and verify impairment tests carried out by third parties.

Working together with PwC’s IFRS experts, we add in our broad-scope valuation capabilities to deliver integrated value-add opinions.

Purchase price allocation (PPA)

Companies reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) must integrate the value of an acquisition into their accounts. The purchase price should be allocated to assets acquired and liabilities assumed, measured at their respective fair value.

Asking the right questions, we can identify and estimate the fair value of all assets and liabilities on the balance sheet, covering both intangible and tangible assets, in a fast and efficient way, and that on an international scale for companies operating across borders, to make sure your newly integrated business remains IFRS compliant.

Real estate valuation

With substantial real estate market knowledge and expertise - and with specialists certified by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, we’re able to determine an appropriate value for a real estate asset or offer a second opinion on a worth given.

Intangible asset valuation

A great deal of value can be tied up in intangible assets, such as brand, trademark, customer relationships, technology, patents, etc., that aren’t properly reflected in the organisation's financials due to accounting rules.

We can identify a concern’s intangibles and allocate a fair value to them, including potential tax consequences.

Tangible asset valuation

Our valuation specialists can help determine the true value of a range of tangible assets, such as machinery, equipment, leasehold improvements, furniture, inventory, etc.

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