Meet compliance challenges

Keep in line with evolving requirements

Non-compliance with regulations can not only adversely impact your finances, but your reputation too. And that can take a lot longer to recover from.

Purchase price allocation (PPA)

Companies reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) must integrate the value of an acquisition into their accounts. The purchase price should be allocated to assets acquired and liabilities assumed, measured at their respective fair value.

We ask the right questions to identify and estimate the fair value of all assets and liabilities on the balance sheet, covering both intangible and tangible assets, in a fast and efficient way, and that on an international scale for companies operating across borders, to make sure you remain compliant with all applicable regulations.

Tax structuring

We can help you make sure that your tax structure truly represents your operations and that your business complies with all applicable tax laws. And we can continue to make sure that you remain compliant as tax laws evolve and new regulations are introduced.

We can also provide employee training and board updates to enable you to better understand and manage requisite tax regulations.

IFRS expertise

The accounting effects of acquisitions and divestitures are challenging and must be properly assessed as they not only influence reporting and future results, but impact your covenants and financial ratios too.

We can help you:

- assess the impact of clauses included in share purchase agreements and other financial arrangements
- account for purchase price allocation and draft related disclosures
- convert from existing GAAP and/or align the acquired firm’s accounting policies to those of your business
- align reporting processes and deal with “day two ” issues such as potential changes to segment reporting and goodwill impairment testing
- through the accounting and reporting complexities of carve-out financial statements.

Impairment testing

Is the goodwill you paid during a transaction still valid years later?

Working predominantly on IFRS accounts, we can help verify the current worth of goodwill paid. We can also review and verify impairment tests carried out by third parties.

Working together with PwC’s IFRS experts, we add in our broad-scope valuation capabilities to deliver integrated value-add opinions.

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