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Business leaders want and need to transform, but fail to make the transformation work


CEOs think their companies won’t survive the next 10 years if they continue on their current path

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700 global executives do not rate their transformation strategies as being effective

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organisations do not regularly track variations to promised benefits


Successful companies are strategy and cost savvy,  often agile to adapt and make good decisions based on data. Be it in size, presence or revenue, all companies want to grow. In order to do so, they must transform not just their approach but across departments and functions in order to future proof their organisational structure and processes.  While there are many consulting firms that can write great strategies, at PwC, we have the methodology that translates that strategy into the right enablers as well as the execution needed for an effective and company-wide transformation.

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"Working with PwC FFG on a company-wide transformation was like following an MBA or a master class in effective growth strategies. A combination of deep functional expertise across all domains, guided by a robust framework of values, helps connect the dots and align all our functional teams towards a common and measurable goal."

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We work with our clients to identify and build the differentiating capabilities they need to outperform


Is your company struggling to translate the corporate strategy into tangible results? From realigning capabilities, addressing costs, going lean or growing into a new organisational model, do you feel the need for a company-wide transformation, but do not know where to start or find it challenging to get all teams onboard?

This is where our Fit for Growth team of experienced consultants can help you. We help CEOs and their team realise the corporate strategy by creating an actionable and pragmatic vision and plan. We help identify and build the required capabilities to successfully realise their plan end-to-end and execute the strategy in a holistic way with value as the key measure for steering and success. Whether it is in a growth or a cost-cutting context, tangible and measurable value is our key guide in the identification, implementation and operation of concepts that realise expected outcomes for our clients.

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Capabilities and target operating model

In our capabilities offering, we help clients identify and invest in their differentiating capabilities and make the organisation fit to achieve its growth ambitions. Typically we start with a diagnostic sprint - a 4-step approach to provide a quick opportunity identification and sizing - starting from the strategy, by diagnosing the differentiating capabilities, cost structure and operating model within 6 weeks. Based on the outcomes, we help our client then rightsize today to grow tomorrow by defining and implementing together the target operating model. 


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Digital Transformation

In our Digital Transformation offering we help you progress towards a lean, digital and agile organisation. We translate the strategy into a roadmap of digital initiatives that help the organisation adapt to changing conditions, drive efficiency and safety, and deepen customer engagement and loyalty.

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Growth ventures

In our growth ventures offering, we help realise the growth ambitions of our client through the PwC ventures mindset. We ideate on new growth concepts, swiftly take them to market, and assist in seamlessly scaling and executing these initiatives until the client is ready to take over.

Why the PwC Fit for Growth team is the partner you need

Our proven Fit-for-Growth methodology does not focus on defining the company’s strategy, but takes it as a starting point to assist you in the implementation. While this is where the strategy consultant’s job is done, it’s where we begin our journey with you. Together with our expertise in other relevant services such as tax and assurance, our Fit for Growth approach enables you to make strategic choices, leading to a focused transformation that aligns costs, capabilities and operating model with the corporate strategy and growth ambitions.

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