Private wealth management

For you and your family or group to fully benefit from your estate in the long term, you need to futureproof your assets.

Do you have a sustainable estate plan in place?

Your challenges 

The estate planning process is complex and requires careful consideration in the areas of tax, civil law, insurance, trusts, wills, property and more. An effective plan must be executed in a way that minimises administration costs and takes into account legislative changes, all within a practical implementation framework.

The increased anti-abuse and transparency regulations combined with the rise in international mobility make tax implications on wealth management more complicated than ever.

PwC’s integrated team of multidisciplinary experts is happy to help.

How we can help

Our local and international network of wealth management, tax and legal specialists will work closely with you to help identify your needs and develop and implement a sustainable estate plan. We’ll assist with all your questions related to succession planning, family governance, regulatory compliance, forming a trust and/or the full or partial transfer of your company to other family or group members, as required. Our online tool My Business Succession will determine if such a transfer is eligible for tax incentives. 

If you're looking to invest abroad, we’ll help ensure you can demonstrate substance where necessary and that you’re compliant with the latest regulations.

Our team will assist with all aspects of your investments, like valuation and due diligence, in Belgium and beyond. We look for innovative ways to deliver personalised, pragmatic solutions tailored to your individual situation, from complexity to execution.

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