Internal Audit

Are your risk management controls helping or hindering your business?

Check that internal control processes are adequate, relevant, in line with strategy and helping steer your business in the right direction.

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As a business that strives to maintain your competitive edge, you can and should have high expectations of Internal Audit. Outsourcing can help you achieve this by providing a team that’s aligned to your strategy, relevant to the issues you’re facing and armed with innovative techniques and technology. A team of specialists who can provide the insights, comfort and confidence you need to deliver against your objectives.

Your Internal Audit function has almost certainly evolved over time. So has Internal Audit outsourcing, which can deliver the agility and resources necessary to help you manage change and make the most of opportunities. It can assist with growing stakeholder demand by tapping into experience and insights from the wider market, so you can respond to stakeholders’ calls for increased risk management and transparency.

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A co-sourced approach to Internal Audit could be the solution if your organisation is struggling to retain specialist resources, fill particular skills gaps or needs to respond to digital or transformational disruption. Co-sourcing can both support you to develop your staff’s potential and provide the necessary skills and experience that an in-house function would have difficulty maintaining single-handedly.

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Successful business depends on robust governance and controls, including an effective Internal Audit function. One that’s aligned to the strategic objectives of the organisation and is able to deliver genuine insight. In today’s risk climate where the only constant is change, your Internal Audit function needs clear objectives, targets and measures to satisfy your stakeholders.

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Strategic Internal Audit Assessment

We help Internal Audit functions raise the bar and deliver excellence to all of their stakeholders, by focusing on the eight core attributes: business alignment, quality and innovation, risk focus, talent model, stakeholder management, cost optimisation, technology and service culture.

We offer a qualitative analysis of your Internal Audit processes to see how they’re working, whether they’re in line with your strategy and supporting the business as effectively as possible. 

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Internal Audit can help organisations navigate the risk multiverse

How can Internal Audit's superpowers help organisations 'see through walls' to avoid hazards, remove complexity, and find new opportunities?
Find out in PwC's Global Internal Audit Study.

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Global Internal Audit Study

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