Internal audit

Are your risk management controls helping or hindering your business?

Check that internal control processes are adequate, relevant, in line with strategy and helping steer the business in the right direction.

  • Have you adequately identified all risks your company could face?
  • And have suitable controls to manage them?
  • Do you regularly audit controls to make sure they are appropriate and adding the value you expect?
  • Do you have sufficient resources to handle internal audit or would it be better to outsource all or part of the process?

In some circumstances, you may require specific skills and knowledge to calculate atypical risks, do you have access to those capabilities? Good governance is the starting point for effective and efficient internal assessment of your operations.

Creating value from internal audit

A good internal audit does more than simply check that controls are working. It provides an ideal opportunity to verify that control processes are not only in line with corporate strategy, but that they are helping steer your company in the direction you want to go. It also offers the chance to identify and implement new ways of working.

How we can help

Do your controls help or hinder?

We offer a qualitative analysis of your processes to see how they’re working, whether they are in line with your strategy and are actually supporting the business. Where risk can be reduced, we can provide advice and guidance on how you can optimise processes within your specific context, and support change management initiatives. We can also support your own self-assessment of processes.


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Help as and when you need it

We’re available to help your internal audit department on an ad hoc basis or take on the full process for you. If you fully outsource internal audit to PwC, we take responsibility for assessment, scope, enhancements, reporting to management and follow up on recommendations across the entire business.

We can also work in a co-sourcing arrangement, taking on specific missions at a time when you’re facing capacity issues or resource shortages. Our experts regularly take on internal audit projects that require specific competencies or expert knowledge. Offering a variable cost-structure and flexible terms, we can augment your internal audit processes as and when you require.

We’re accredited by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to carry out essential external quality assessment reviews (QARs). Our experts hold relevant accreditations including CIA, CCSA, CGAP and CRMA.

Clients come to PwC because we listen and communicate clearly. We start from your business context and build our team and approach around that. We have broad in-house expertise in many industries and disciplines and call on the expertise of colleagues around the world.

We don’t just stop at offering insights based on our findings; discover how we can help design internal control processes to help you steer your business in the right direction to meet your strategic objectives and help sustain stakeholder trust.


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