International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) / European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS)

We can help you improve accounting and transparency, and gain greater credibility with well-planned, efficient IPSAS conversion.

Improving performance with IPSAS

Making the change to IPSAS is much more than a simple accounting exercise, it impacts your policies, people, systems and processes.

  • Do you have adequate resources to review and amend policy, governance and control structures? 
  • Are you aware of the impact the introduction of accrual accounting could have on the work done by oversight bodies?

Accrual accounting also requires new ways of reporting and communicating financial information, which may call for updates to your IT systems. Having one organisation-wide system that can be used to manage and coordinate all information, resources and business processes means significant efficiency savings and productivity gains.

Have you thought also about re-examining internal control frameworks to ensure that internal control and risk management are effective under the new accounting standards? This may require the improvement of existing processes or the creation of new ones.

Improving performance with IPSAS


Our IPSAS conversion methodology involves a three-phase approach designed to add maximum value to your organisation


How we can help

Our IPSAS conversion methodology ensures that IPSAS adoption does not inhibit the achievement of current operational and administrative goals and helps generate significant performance improvement once conversion is achieved.

A certified programme

PwC, in cooperation with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), has developed an IPSAS e-learning offering and certificate that provides public sector accountants with a highly valuable and content-rich programme for all stages of the implementation process and beyond. Via the programme, you’ll:

  • learn about IPSAS in a flexible, user-friendly and interactive way
  • discover how to translate the IPSAS principles into practical implementation solutions
  • text your IPSAS knowledge and that of your staff

To find out more about the ICAEW IPSAS certificate, go to www.icaew.com/ipsas

A certified IPSAS e-learning programme

PwC also partnered with ICAEW for a joint discussion series ICAEW-PwC Sustainable Public Finances: EU Perspectives that brings together key decision makers and experts to address the significant financial management and accounting challenges the public sector faces.

IPSAS consultations, training and workshops

PwC can provide technical support, including services such as gap analysis between current accounting policies and IPSAS, technical consultations and benchmarking analysis on critical areas that impact your financial statements.

We can also provide training, from individual sessions on key accounting areas to workshops that provide an overview of IPSAS and its implications for your business. All training solutions are tailored to your specific business context.

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