Internal controls

Failing to meet corporate objectives? Perhaps, you lack control

Shape and introduce new internal control processes across all parts of the organisation to make sure you meet your strategic objectives.

Do you have the right measures in place to properly guide your business?

Gut feeling is all very well when you’ve known the business for decades, but what happens when there’s a significant change to systems or processes and there’s no documentation of what to do, or that experience retires or leaves? You can’t pass on intuition.

Internal control weakness puts your business at risk. Having good internal controls means the business remains on course no matter who’s at the helm. And it can make the difference between realising business ambitions and failure to succeed.

For both IT and manual processes, attention to the design, documentation and operation of controls is critical to ensuring accuracy and timeliness of the vast information flows required for reporting and decision making.

Do you have the right measures in place to properly guide your business?

Fostering trust and security

By having adequate control processes in place you’re much better able to deal with incidents and to report to stakeholders why certain actions were taken. Internal controls offer security to those tasked with dealing with issues that they are doing the right thing.

Reporting on internal controls demonstrates that your company is being properly managed, helping to increase trust for stakeholders and the public at large.

From increasing efficiency to structuring chaos

How we can help

We approach every project from scratch, listening to your issues and working to solve what’s troubling you. By discovering what’s keeping you awake, we can assess whether existing internal control processes, if they exist, are helping or hindering your business. We can then help shape and introduce new control processes that will steer your business in the right direction toward meeting strategic objectives. We make sure that all internal controls are compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), financial circulars and other relevant directives.

From increasing efficiency to structuring chaos

Based on our extensive risk management and internal audit experience and expertise, we’re well placed to identify risks linked to processes and advise on appropriate controls for your specific business. Control processes need to cover all parts of the organisation; strategic, operational, financial and IT.

Working across industries and functions, we have broad in-house expertise and create teams comprising the precise knowledge and skills that match your business context. We believe in clear communication, explaining what we’re doing and how your organisation will benefit.

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