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Our People & Transformation management consultants work in partnership with you to deliver on your strategy, creating lasting impact and success across departments through your most valuable asset: your people.

Get the best out of your workforce and let your people thrive

Global growth, talent scarcity, skills mismatches, disruptive innovations, inefficient processes: these are all examples of complex challenges facing business leaders. In this volatile and uncertain economy, your people ultimately represent a crucial competitive advantage. This implies the need to build resilient, enabled, growing, and agile workforces that are at the heart of their organisations.

  • Are you looking to improve the way you attract, select, retain, develop and engage the diverse workforce you need?

  • Are you currently facing changes in your organisation? Are you finding it challenging to align, engage, and enable your people during this change?

  • How do you create a culture that supports high performance and also gives people a sense of belonging?

  • Is your compensation and benefits package aligned with what people want, as well as being tax-optimised?

  • Do you need to rethink your HR functional structure, capabilities and roles to enable a shift in focus to more strategic, high-value activities?

  • How do you organise hybrid working effectively, taking people into consideration along with the legal and tax point of view?

  • With the changing needs for skills and competencies, is your strategic workforce planning ready to support your business challenges?

  • Does your leadership have the right competencies to meet the challenges your organisation faces?

  • How can you leverage the power of diverse teams and inclusive practices to drive greater business success and innovation?

How PwC can help you achieve HR excellence

How PwC helps you to build a future-ready organisation and workforce

Our world is constantly evolving and this brings new challenges. 

Here’s one pertinent example, based on our most recent CEO survey.

CEOs are facing skills shortages, and this is prompting 52% of those surveyed to cut costs. Others are facing leadership issues: 46% of leaders report as not tolerating short-term failures.

From workforce strategy and culture, change management, to HR transformation, leadership and DEI services, our People & Transformation consultants combine a strategic and business-driven expertise with an in-depth knowledge of technological, workforce and HR trends and best practices.

In close collaboration with our clients and experts within different industries, we clearly identify the challenges you face and link them to your strategy. Our team of People & Transformation consultants provide you with tailor-made strategic solutions, built up to create lasting value, help you grow and become more resilient.

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HR transformation

Volatility and new demands require the HR function to strategically support and drive business performance. The question is no longer if, or even when, the workforce will be transformed - it’s happening now. The key point is how quickly business and HR leaders can gauge and respond to the implications and prepare their organisations for the future. Our HR specialists can help you shift your HR organisation from a transactional and administrative department to a strategic, value-added business partner with a more agile and robust operating model and culture, business-driven talent and performance strategies, and a radically improved HR value chain.

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Challenges with which we can support you include:

  • Designing your HR vision, strategy and organisational culture

  • Translating your strategic vision into an actionable, clear and sustainable people strategy

  • Tailoring a service delivery model and HR value proposition that matches your specific needs

  • Assessing and optimising your HR operating model and processes to align with your organisation’s vision and objectives

  • Reviewing your HR function through the development and improvement of job design, job evaluation and workforce planning

  • Designing, implementing and improving HR shared service centres and HR outsourcing

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Stien Eykens, senior manager pwc

Stien Eykens

Senior Manager, Brussels, PwC Belgium
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Christophe Limbourg 

Manager, Brussels, PwC Belgium
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Workforce strategy

Innovation, digitalisation and growth are key to stay competitive and resilient on the market. Your people’s knowledge, skills and performance will be more important than ever for your business to navigate this constantly evolving world. Attracting, empowering and upskilling your talent is crucial. Leveraging on the market trends and your business strategy, we help you design your workforce strategy by:

  • Optimising your organisational structure, taking into account your future needs as well as your industry specificities

  • Forecasting your workforce of the future by developing your strategic workforce planning strategy, considering future trends

  • Attracting your future talents by setting up your talent acquisition strategy, positioning you as an attractive employer with a unique people-value proposition

  • Developing your current talent pool by framing your upskilling and reskilling strategy as a key differentiator for attraction and retention

  • Empowering your workforce as they are going through changes by designing optimal and data-driven employee eXperiences driving satisfaction, engagement and productivity

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Sylvia Draulans, manager pwc belgium

Sylvia Draulans

Manager, Brussels, PwC Belgium
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Leadership and DEI

Megatrends are shaping our world and will continue to do so for many years to come. All types of organisations and leaders must significantly reconfigure their businesses to remain economically viable in the future. In this context, we need transformative inclusive leaders: those who set radical ambitions and solve real problems, rather than preserving the status quo and inevitably setting their organisations up to fail. But having a transformative inclusive leadershipstyle/mindset doesn’t solely depend on the leaders themselves. Organisational culture helps to create the necessary conditions for transformative leadership to thrive. We help organisations by:

  • Supporting leaders in a highly complex world and shaping their legacy for future generations

  • Leveraging the power of diverse teams and sustainable inclusive leadership to drive greater business results and innovation

  • Building a strong leadership pipeline and selecting the best leaders to ensure the success of your organisation

  • Reinforcing a newly-assembled leadership team to guarantee an effective team performance

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Tom Verboven, managing director pwc belgium

Tom Verboven

Managing Director, Brussels, PwC Belgium
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A strong company culture is the glue that binds your team together, drives performance and contributes to overall success. At PwC, we specialise in helping organisations create and sustain a culture that aligns with your business strategy and operating model. Our experts collaborate with you to understand the unique needs and challenges of your organisation and develop a comprehensive strategy to transform your culture by:

  • Reinforcing your culture and sense of belonging, while working hybrid

  • Changing the mindset within your organisation and grow towards a more innovative organisation
  • Improving employee engagement, or increasing efficiency

  • Embedding and levering organisation/personal purpose

  • Creating an integrated culture and increased trust in the context of M&A

  • Increasing alignment between (executive) teams

  • Improving the general climate and connectedness within your organisation
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Change management

In order to stay relevant, organisations initiate major projects and transformations, betting on new technologies, outlining new processes and defining new ways of working. Ultimately, the success of the transformation will depend on how employees accept and adapt to working with the changes. Organisations that put their people at the heart of change are measurably more likely to deliver successful outcomes.

We help you take an active approach to enable your people to accept, adopt and drive sustainable change and achieve measurable results for the business by:

Schematic: People & transformation services - Change management
  • Creating a clear case for change in line with the overall objective or vision 

  • Developing a change management plan that is specific for your context and the impacted roles 

  • Implementing the change management strategy effectively, taking into account the right experience/profile for each role

  • Supporting your people to embrace the new way of working, enabling behavioural change 

  • Measuring the impact to optimise the approach and increase adoption 

  • Designing and implementing a change management office in your organisation to internalise change management capabilities 

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Sander Van Laere, director pwc belgium

Sander Van Laere

Director, Brussels, PwC Belgium
+32 495 91 64 83

Payroll transformation

Over the years, payroll has become more and more complex and most likely your organisation has been subject to and needed to adapt to various business transformations.

PwC has a broad team of payroll experts specialised in assisting employers in the payroll process review to assess the current situation and identify the potential areas for improvement. We can assist you in making sure that your payroll is compliant with the laws and labour agreements applicable to your organisation.

Payroll consulting

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Employment law

The rapidly developing employment law landscape reaches every corner of your business and can impact your workforce in complex ways. Navigating this legal landscape and managing the associated risks is a key part of the modern workforce agenda and to help you do so, we work together with the Employment law experts of PwC Legal.

Employment law

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Having the right people in place is crucial for an organisation’s success, and offering an attractive reward (financial and non-financial) package is essential to remain competitive.  But the wage burden also has to be taken into consideration.

We use our proven methodology to help you build a tailored C&B package that’s attractive to employees, but also tax optimised and cost neutral. 

Our tax and social security specialists can help define the ideal pay structure for your executive and non-executive employees. They’ll also optimise the remuneration package so that it meets all legal, tax and social security requirements in Belgium and overseas.

Reward services

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Our unique Business, eXperience and Technology (BXT) approach to your company’s specific needs

Why PwC?

PwC People & Transformation is a diverse community of solvers working with you to get the best out of your people. Our unique Business eXperience Technology (BXT) approach enables us to pinpoint the particular challenges for your business, and transform them into opportunities.

The practice offers ‘people-first’ workforce services to our clients putting their people at the heart. Our holistic approach, which considers business, people, tax, legal and technology, is unparalleled, matching our hands-on implementation expertise with your specific needs. We help you tailor your workforce strategy to become a stronger strategic partner to the business.

We’re proud to be named Best Assessment and Development Company, helping clients develop their workforce and shape the leaders of tomorrow.
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