Funding and financing strategy

Building a business in the healthcare sector can be a rewarding endeavour, but can present a number of challenges– particularly in terms of funding and financing. Long-term funding is essential for pharmaceuticals to develop new therapies, while intense and rapid funding is needed when you want to keep up with the fast-paced medical device sector. 

How PwC can assist you in seeking funding and financing

Whether you are trying to access funding, raise fresh capital, identify sources of growth equity or seeking the opportunity to present to venture capitalists, the PwC Venture Deals team can help you. 

We can advise you on whom to talk to, and - depending on the current status of your company and your desired outcome – when best to talk to them and what to say. We can even advise you on the realistic level of funding you can hope to raise. We will tailor this approach to whether you are a start-up or scale-up opportunity. Where appropriate, we may also be able to introduce you to suitable investors.

The PwC approach

We fully support you through the entire fundraising process, from preparation to closing the deal… 


  • Preparation

    We support you in preparing fundraising documentation, incl. Pitch deck, Financial model, Valuation and Investor information deck.

    Taking into account your preferred investor profile, we’ll prepare a long-list of investors that could be a match.

  • Reach out

    We’ll get you warm introductions with the investors on the long-list.

    Provide pitch coaching and organise mock-up investor sessions to practice.

  • Term sheets negotiation

    We support you in understanding what terms are on the table, and getting the best market-conform deal you can.

  • Due diligence

    We help prepare the data room, manage access rights, and take care of the Q&A.

  • Close the deal

    We’ll walk you through the shareholder Agreement, and support you in preparing the press release.

  • Beyond the deal

    Fundraising is one part of your growth journey, and being a one stop shop we have the capacity and expertise to support you in other areas of your business.

Taking smaller healthcare organisations to the next level is a critical stage in its development. For a start-up pharmaceutical company, it may need to ensure sufficient funding to sustain operations during early-stage clinical trials. For medical device companies, the goal may be to pursue rapid approval for a new or improved technology, in order to bring it to market quickly. 

For potential investors, start-up scenarios may seem relatively high-risk ventures; they will understandably seek clear reassurances that their exposure will be kept to a minimum. To address this, the PwC team will help you prepare a pitch document that will clearly set out your value proposition, your capacity for scalability and the potential of your target market. PwC will also prepare the supporting documentation and data to submit to interested investors, properly underpinning its credibility.

For scaleup companies – that is, those with a minimal viable product (MVP) - often the challenge is how to scale up to meet future market demands for their product. This can often require access to significant funding.

Although a scaleup presents a slightly different risk profile – the existence of an MVP and a revenue stream point to potential viability – investors will still require reassurance before providing backing. In addition to developing a pitch deck and prospectus on the potential of the business, the team at PwC will create a valuation model based on real-world numbers. With our input and guidance in developing your materials, the assumptions you present will be both credible and reasonable.





Guidance and counsel

The PwC Venture Deals team will assess your current situation and advise you on how little - or how much – you should seek and what to provide in return. Where necessary, we will verify the robustness of your IP protection and check for possible conflicts of interest with potential investors. 

Identifying potential investors

As a global organisation; PwC has an unparalleled network of corporations and investors around the world– particularly in the healthcare sector. PwC can leverage this network to identify potential investors for you.

PwC’s Venture Deals team

PwC's Venture Deals team collaborates closely with the financial, tax, legal and HR experts within our network. The Belgian initiative - PwC Next Level – can provide all of these relevant services for emerging businesses, including access to our own accelerator programme, Scale. We will ensure you receive the tailored support you need to allow you to scale up your company.

We support workshops with partner organisations on the process, with insights that will help you understand and prepare for the point when you may need to take that step. You can also take the opportunity to meet and chat informally with experts from the PwC Ventures Deal team.

PwC has invested in services for startups and scale-ups globally for years. Our Belgian Venture Deals team closely collaborates with other PwC startup teams around the world to offer the best support in the growth of promising ventures.

Future Trends: PwC Thought Leadership

If you want to know more about PwC and how we view the future of healthcare, read our thought leadership contributions. 

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