Recruitment process

Our recruitment process*

* Different selection procedures may apply
for experienced candidates, and for particular junior roles.


  • Step 1
    CV Application

  • Step 2
    Phone interview

  • Step 3
    Online assessment & business case*

    You will be asked to complete online logic assessment tests and a business case related to the role you apply for.

    *depending on the role you apply for.

  • Step 4
    Meet & Match Day or Individual Interviews*

    *depending on the role you apply for.

  • Step 5:

  • Step 6:

Virtual interviews: tips and tricks

Make sure that your internet connection, webcam and headphone set (volume) are all working well beforehand.

On the day of the interview, check this again before starting the call. Tech-savvy is definitely a quality we’re looking for, so make sure you’re all set!


Choose a room where you won’t be interrupted.

Turn off your phone, make sure other people in your vicinity are aware you’re having an interview in that room, close the window, be ready to take notes and have a glass of water handy.

One of the goals of the interview will be to see if you’re a fit with our company culture.

Make sure the interviewer understands your enthusiasm beyond the screen: be natural, be yourself!

As for any interview, make sure you’re well prepared by:

  • Researching PwC and the job: visit for interesting information about us!

  • Preparing your technical knowledge. Prepare your answers and aspirations on three main topics: your personality, your technical skills, and your motivation.

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