A work style that suits you

Work@PwC Reimagined 

We believe that offering people the flexibility to decide on the work pattern that’s most effective for them is crucial to support their mental and physical wellbeing. Our hybrid way of working helps people find a good balance between office and homeworking. The model leverages what we’ve learned over the past years about how best to connect people with each other, including clients and suppliers, in a way that suits them. This enables us to create a culture that empowers people and supports how, when and where they work.

Prioritising your wellbeing

Our values steer our decision making and we focus on keeping our people safe and caring about their personal wellbeing. That includes providing a healthy and positive working environment that enables our people to thrive and be the best version of themselves. We also have a number of initiatives in place that enable people to make wellbeing a true living reality at PwC, including Energy@PwC, Fit for You and Be Well, Work Well, alongside workshops aimed at helping everyone enjoy sound mental and  physical health. 

Working in an ergonomic way 

Ergonomy and people’s general wellbeing in the way they work are very important to PwC. All staff have the right to request an ergo kit that comprises a PC stand, keyboard and mouse. We also have ergonomics ambassadors around the firm whom employees can turn to with questions or for advice.

A schedule that fits your needs

To enable people with families and other personal commitments to enjoy better work/life balance, we offer different work schedules to enable them to work in a way that suits them best. These schedules include part-time work and a flexible working schedule that represents an 85% part-time work schedule and an extra maximum of 40 days annual leave.

Family support

PwC cares about the well-being of its employees. People work more efficiently in a healthy, vibrant environment free from family worries. An employee may however be affected by difficult professional or familial situations, or by traumatic events. PwC can support you and your family: we work with an external partner that can provide extra psychological support if needed.

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Want to enjoy a work/life balance that suits you? At PwC, we are flexible with schedules so that you can choose the way you work and continue to grow at the same time. Our schedule options include working part-time or going for a flexible, family-friendly 85% contract, with up to 40 days of annual leave on top of that.

PwC also gives its employees the possibility to work partly from home. Enjoy the freedom of working in your familiar surroundings and let your efficiency soar; say goodbye to long commutes and say hello to the productivity that stems from the comfort of your home office.

What about working from abroad? That’s also possible. The company allows 15 days a year to work from outside Belgium.

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