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The Experience Centre is a community of solvers, helping organisations to break down silos, unearth new values and pioneer tomorrow. We work hand-in-hand to inspire and realise transformative change by creating new experiences for customers, users and employees. The Experience Centre is therefore a space for experimentation, innovation and collaboration.

Not only are business experts available to you at our Experience Centre, you also have access to technology wizards, user/customer experience designers, and other creative professionals. This combination of the Experience Centre, our passionate experts and you, creates the right mix of space, talent and solutions to build your dream of tomorrow… today! 


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From problem to solution through BXT

Innovation is about pushing boundaries to explore new possibilities.
At PwC we innovate by solving important problems from three perspectives:

Business: is the intended solution economically viable (B),
eXperience: will the solution be loved and remembered by the end-users (X)
Technology: can the solution be build with the technologies available (T)

BXT reframes how you work, think and engage. The Experience Centre brings the BXT philosophy together, building confidence to discover the optimal solution for a problem, relying on knowing what to build, for whom, and when. 




Your ideas come to life in the Experience Centre

Every journey in the Experience Centre starts with “a problem worth solving”, identifying your need for an innovative solution. Thereafter we co-create together via ideation workshops, applying design thinking principles, calling on market trends and relevant use cases, building mock-ups and prototypes with user-centric business designs, to unveil, develop and deliver the right solution(s). It’s truly an end-to-end experience. Working closely together, we help you build the solutions that will drive your business forward, offering an optimal end-user experience.

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Quinten Devreker

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Margaux Vanherpe

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