Brussels Experience Centre

PwC Belgium’s Experience Centre delivers innovation through Business (B), eXperience (X) and Technology (T), to build solutions that drive your business through the right user experience.

The Brussels Experience Centre (EC) is PwC’s third EC location in Europe, after PwC Frankfurt and Zurich. We work together from these locations as one team, as part of a worldwide network of more than 30 locations.

What is it?

The EC is a community of makers from around the world who help your organisation break down silos, unearth new value and pioneer tomorrow. The goal is to transform your business outcomes by delivering innovation. The EC brings you the right mix of space, talent and solutions to build tomorrow… today!

We do this by working at the intersection of Business, eXperience and Technology, which combine the best of PwC in a way that's fast, agile and accountable, from ideas through execution to delivery. To accomplish this, we're bringing new talent, a new methodology (combining user experience, business and technology skills) and new technologies to help you with your digital transformation.

What’s it for?

The EC is a space of innovation and collaboration, where we work with you to support the various stages of end-to-end solutions: ideation workshops, presenting market trends and relevant use cases, building mock-ups and prototypes with user-centric business designs and developing, delivering and maintaining the solutions themselves. We work closely with you to build solutions that drive your business through the right user experience.

How does it work?

It all begins by identifying an issue or need for an innovative product or solution. We take a user-centric approach to ensure a common understanding of the right issue and potential solution. Regardless of your location, the EC Europe works as one team to conduct research, create concepts, develop, test and finally implement or deliver the solution through a series of agile ‘sprints’. For the most part, these sessions take place in the EC and you’re involved throughout the process.

If you want to start building the future of your business today, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our EC ambassadors.

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Quinten Devreker

Quinten Devreker

Experience Centre Lead, PwC Belgium

Tel: +32 479 46 33 85

Margaux Vanherpe

Margaux Vanherpe

Experience Centre space coördinator, PwC Belgium

Tel: +32 477 24 52 66

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