The New Equation

Co-creating sustainable solutions to make sure Belgium's adequately equipped to face the challenges of the future

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe Belgium has a unique opportunity to look for a new impulse and ambition to prepare itself for the next decade; to find more sustainable and inclusive ways to work, live and study, that create a better balance between prosperity and wellbeing. This means responding to some of the critical challenges it faces.

  • Ensuring growth and competitiveness

  • Meeting growing ESG demands

  • Transitioning to a digital society

  • Preparing our younger generations for the future through education and skills

Axel Smits Chairman of PwC Belgium on TNE

"We need a compelling and positive message, that creates long-term perspective and pride and which will enable our country to thrive again."

Axel Smits, Chairman of PwC Belgium

The New Equation

PwC’s new global strategy is about helping stakeholders address their toughest challenges and delivering sustained outcomes for society and the planet. It reflects fundamental changes in the operating environment faced by clients and stakeholders, including technological disruption, climate change, fractured geopolitics and the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our approach embodies who we are: a community of solvers coming together in unexpected ways to deliver outcomes for organisations, their customers, stakeholders and communities, which make a positive and enduring impact right across the value chain.  And our formula is simple: we deliver bold ideas, solutions which are human-led and tech-powered and meaningful experiences which deliver real-life results.  


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Building trust and delivering sustained outcomes

The New Equation focuses on two interconnected needs that companies and organisations face in the coming years.

  • To build trust, which has never been more important, nor more difficult. Organisations increasingly need to earn trust across a wide range of topics that are important to their stakeholders. Success depends on fundamental shifts in the way executives think, organisational culture, systems and ambition.

  • To deliver sustained outcomes in an environment where competition and the risk of disruption are more intense than ever and societal expectations have never been greater. Businesses need to change faster and more thoroughly to attract capital, talent and customers. For that a new approach is needed.
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Sustainability and climate change

The way we do business is the very foundation of our shared prosperity, and the business community must now lead the transformation to create true and lasting value – for all stakeholders - companies, institutions, investors, consumers, the workforce and governments etc.

Diversity and inclusion

Organisations that do not address the issue of Diversity and Inclusion take the risk of no longer being relevant in the labour market.The establishment of an inclusive culture is a must so that each individual, regardless of their differences, can express themselves, be recognised and valued as such.

Create and implement a sustainable total tax strategy

Organisations need to minimise uncertainty and be able to prove to stakeholders they can withstand scrutiny, now and into the future. Is your current tax policy sustainable?

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