Financial modelling

Designing for success

Our dedicated team has developed a proprietary approach to develop dynamic financial models in accordance with industry best practices and international standards, which we use to regularly support clients in a fast and efficient way.

We also assess the financial impact of certain scenarios and market conditions within the model.

Financial models prepared by PwC are generally used by clients to make strategic decisions, and can be used in different contexts, such as business planning, restructuring, project finance, infrastructure projects etc.

Model review

We regularly support clients looking to independently review, verify and validate a financial model created by a third party to make sure it’s in line with work outlined. We validate that it’s logically constructed, internally consistent and mathematically accurate in all respects, including consistency and appropriateness of the formulas, algorithms, calculations and macros applied.

We also confirm that it materially achieves its objective of generating profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet projections and key financial ratios for the different projects included, based on the operational, financial and economic assumptions set out in all relevant documentation. And this in a timely and efficient manner based on our proprietary process created using our substantial experience in the field.

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