Optimising operations to boost value

Operational due diligence

To maintain 'business as usual', you need your operations to run smoothly. By improving your operational efficiency, you can enhance your enterprise’s value. Operational due diligence helps you better understand the processes the target depends on.

Our team can examine and evaluate operational performance related to a potential investment and determine the financial impact.

Carve-out readiness

We work with you to understand your strategic priorities, help you identify what systems and processes will need to be separated when the asset is sold or can be reorganised for greater performance, and offer advice and guidance on how you can best achieve your ambitions.

Working capital improvement

We can help you optimise payment conditions with suppliers and stock inventory to help optimise the value of your business.

We can also help you design and implement a longer-term plan to better manage working capital going forward, by improving operational practices and processes, and make sure that cash continues to be managed in a value-adding way.

Post-merger integration

Starting already in the deal phase, we consider all potential synergies between your current business and target, covering all aspects (systems, operations, plants, logistics, etc.) to assess potential impact of merging cost based on your capex and working capital.

We work with you to decide which aspects should be integrated fully or partially, and which should be left as standalone entities, offering future scenarios of each action. We also help you create a plan to merge those that would add value.

By starting in the early phase of negotiations, we help you make sure that integration happens as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Operational review and restructuring

For businesses in trouble, we take an in-depth view of all operational processes to help you stop spending working capital on non-value add activities and optimise processes to help turn your business around.

We not only consider how you can cut costs, but what sort of business model would best revitalise your business, including whether or not certain operations should be carved out. We then stay with you to help implement our advice.

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