Identify all options in a distress situation

Doing the best for a business in trouble

If you find your business is seriously underperforming and you don't know how to turn it around, we can help you decide on the best way forward.

Business and financial restructuring

Taking a deep dive into the issues at hand, we identify the origin of the cause of distress before looking for an appropriate solution.

This means stabilising the business, then devising an optimal solution and working with you to implement it.

Operational review and restructuring

For businesses in trouble, we take an in-depth view of all operational processes to help you stop spending cash on non-value add activities and optimise processes to help turn your business around.

We not only consider how you can cut costs, but what sort of business model would best revitalise your business, including whether or not certain operations should be carved out. We then stay with you to help you implement our advice.

Corporate simplification

We can help you reduce costs and complexity, achieve an aligned and transparent way of doing business and a tax & legal structure which is flexible and fully in line with the intentions of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and with the current global and European tax environments.

With a simplified business and tax model, you’ll enjoy leaner back-office structures and fewer statutory filings, which means substantial cost savings, clear reporting channels and consistent information, which also reduce risk and make the task of compliance simpler, less costly and more effective. You’ll also enhance flexibility and agility, placing you in a better position to alleviate business distress.


Debt and capital advisory

Looking for new money to help fund your business for its growth or refinance its current positions?

We can help identify new potential lenders, both public and private, and determine which would be the most appropriate party for you to work with. We can also help you negotiate the best terms and conditions in this competitive landscape.

When refinancing your business, we can help you make sure tax leakages are avoided and interest remains tax-deductible to the maximum extend.

Working capital improvement

We can help you optimise payment conditions with suppliers and customers and stock inventory to help minimise the distress situation of your business.

We can also help you design and implement a longer-term plan to better manage working capital going forward, by improving operational practices and processes, and make sure that cash continues to be managed in a value-adding way.

Restructuring plan & support negotiation with stakeholders

Once you’ve drawn up a plan to revitalise your business, in whatever form, we help you approach and gain the buy-in of all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, management and employees.

The plan forms the basis for the business going forward and outlines what will happen within what timeframe, as well as the role of each stakeholder in the process.

People and Organisation

We can help you scope out the people-related implications of your strategic plan, including people, organisation, employment laws, benefits including pensions, HR practices, compensation and the HR function. We make sure that sufficient attention is paid to the human side of the transaction.

We can also help reshape the employee cost base to make required cost savings.


Buy- and sell-side advisory for distressed assets

If you decide to sell a troubled entity, we can help you identify the most appropriate party to sell to, shortlist suitable candidates who are experienced in this kind of deal and who have the capacity and capability to turn it around, and organise the best possible deal.

With a complete understanding of the market, PwC’s ideally placed and trusted to provide an independent opinion to buyers and help your business get back on track.

Insolvency & liquidation services

We can help you liquidate an asset and gain the most value from the process. Working with administrators, we’re able to support the sale of a business in whole or parts, using data analytics to identify recent failings that led to the bankruptcy and where value may still be found.

We work closely with the board of directors throughout the process, providing support with all matters relating to insolvency proceedings.

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