Having a positive role in the world

Corporate responsibility at PwC

We’re an active participant in the global conversation and movement towards more responsible business practices that have a positive impact for people, society and the world.

Making a positive difference

We strongly believe that organisations should seek to make a positive contribution to the communities around them and society as a whole and strive to limit the negative impact they have on the environment. That’s why we promote accountability not just within our own firm, but with clients and suppliers too. Our values steer our decision making.

Environmental stewardship

Today, there’s greater impetus to address environmental concerns (resource depletion, climate change, waste, pollution, etc.) than ever before.

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Climate change

Guided by our purpose we’re working to help address some of the world’s most urgent challenges, including climate change.

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At PwC Belgium, we encourage people to get involved in projects that serve society.

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Responsible business

We use our core skills to help clients address issues key to fostering ethical and sustainable business.

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People and wellbeing

People are at the heart of our business and everything we do and their wellbeing is a priority. We also strive to make sure that our workforce is truly diverse in all ways.

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