Community and social vitality

At PwC Belgium, we encourage people to get involved in projects that serve society.

Addressing societal challenges

We believe business has a key role to play in addressing current societal challenges and to foster the inclusive transformation of society for a more digital world. And that people should be given the time and opportunity to make a positive contribution which not only benefits the communities around them, but also offers them meaning in their personal and professional lives. At PwC Belgium, we encourage people to get involved in projects that serve society, be they proposed by the firm or by our people who have a cause close to their heart for which they’re looking for support. 

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Community Days 2022

Helping in times of disaster 

In response to the flooding that impacted people, in many parts of Belgium (and further afield) in the summer of 2021, we launched a multi-pronged solidarity campaign. Our many internal fundraising actions, including a tombola, the sale of second-hand office chairs and a Fit for Solidarity challenge within our Fit for You wellbeing programme amassed 24,000 euros to be donated to those in need. People were also given the option to donate their end of year gift (a voucher for 35 euros, which the firm doubled for those who made the gesture) to the cause - 167 people opted to help in this way. And we sent out a request for goods and were able to supply those impacted with more than 1,000 cleaning products and 90 cupboards, as well as giving away 60 Pairi Daiza tickets for a free trip to the zoological park. 

Rolling up our sleeves, we held seven clean-up events that saw many of our people help renovate houses, clear away rubble and more. Each of our lines of service also spent a team-building day in the region, supporting the communities as they continue to deal with the effects of the floods. In terms of putting our skills and expertise to use, we offered advice and support to a number of organisations in the region, on a pro bono basis.

Supporting social projects 

To encourage everyone to make a positive contribution to society, PwC allows our people to dedicate up to four working hours/month (on average) to a social project of their choice, provided that they also support the project with an equal amount of their private time. The project must serve a social purpose and contribute to the welfare of any layer of society. The person asking to use our MyProjects facility must be personally involved in the cause in a volunteering capacity. They can also find a cause to support via Give a Day, a cooperative movement with a social purpose that connects all players in society to create social impact by matching volunteers with organisations. This initiative offers our people the opportunity to build sustainable relationships with NGOs close to them.

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“PwC’s My Projects programme enables us to give a real value-added boost to the communities around us and provide enriching experiences to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them.”

Thomas DonohueManager, Advisory

Pro bono work 

Every year, we offer our skills and services to good causes in the form of pro bono work. This support includes helping concerns of all sizes, from small local charities to national and global civil society organisations.

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