Environmental stewardship

We strive to minimise practices that could have an adverse effect on the use of the country’s resources by future generations.


Protecting the future

We continually monitor topics such as our vehicle fleet, business travel, office consumables and building efficiency, and set ourselves ambitious targets for reducing our environmental footprint. 


Look and feel of PwC office: coloured chairs and balls

State-of-the-art, sustainable facilities

All our offices are equipped with advanced videoconferencing facilities to enable our people to meet and interact with clients and each other virtually, helping reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles and lower road congestion.

The Brussels office has a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) in use certification. Our new buildings in Ghent and Liège were built according to strict guidelines for sustainable design and are in the process of acquiring BREEAM certification.

Minimising our environmental impact

Each year we set ourselves an achievable goal to reduce the amount of paper we use in our offices, an initiative that’s part of the CAO/ CCT 90 collective work agreement, under which employees receive a financial award if the goal is met.

Our Brussels and Antwerp offices feature mechanisms for collecting and reusing water. In Brussels, we recuperate groundwater and in Antwerp rain is collected. In both cases, the water is used to flush the toilets.

Where we have the option to buy so-called ‘green energy’ we make that choice. 

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Axel Smits

Chairman & Territory Senior Partner, PwC Belgium

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