Responsible business

We create value for our clients and the communities in which we operate in the areas of ethics, integrity and trust. We use our core skills to help address issues key to fostering sustainable business.

Creating long-term sustainable business

We help clients build their business in a sustainable way to create long-term value by providing advice and hands-on support with the setting-up of a sustainability strategy, identifying domains of materiality in view of their long-term corporate strategy and embedding the approach throughout the organisation.

We help them define indicators and create dashboards for internal and external reporting, and we provide assurance on the results.

Building responsible firms for the future

We work side-by-side with clients to create transparency around how and from where they source the raw materials that make up their products and to set-up frameworks to make sure that they operate along the principles of fair trade.We provide assurance that what organisations claim is true and that the firm is credible in its declarations, helping to build trust with the outside world.

We also help clients determine their environmental impact and contribution to supporting the so-called ‘green’ agenda.

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"By supporting companies in how they respond to global megatrends as part of their long-term strategy, we’re not only helping them increase stakeholder engagement, but are playing a key role in building responsible firms for the future."

Marc DaelmanPartner, PwC Belgium

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