Further integrate a business / post-deal services

Realise synergies quickly and efficiently

The faster and more smoothly you’re able to integrate an acquisition into your business, the quicker you’ll be able to realise value and create stability going forward.

Post-deal improvement

We take an independent view of your business going forward and an integrated approach, considering commercial opportunities and looking at current financing. Building this into a robust business plan, we can deliver a clear, comprehensive and independent assessment of how you can best integrate and optimise operations for greater value.

We can also help you consider how to enter new markets, if that’s your ambition, how to adapt production operations, if appropriate, how to secure future revenue and more.

All findings are translated into actionable implementation plans allowing shareholders and management to deliver on the envisaged strategy and track the financial impact.

Post-merger integration

Starting already in the deal phase, we consider all potential synergies between your current business and target, covering all aspects (processes, systems, overhead functions, operations, logistics, etc.) to assess the potential impact of merging cost bases on your capex and working capital needs.

We work with you to decide which aspects should be integrated fully or partially, and which should be left as standalone entities, offering future scenarios of each action. We help you realise your integration strategy by creating an actionable D1 and D100 plan, and implementing actions via the creation of tailored programme governance processes and by providing hands-on workstream support.

By starting in the early phase of negotiations, we help you make sure that integration happens as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Purchase price allocation (PPA)

Companies reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) must integrate the value of an acquisition into their accounts. The purchase price should be allocated to assets acquired and liabilities assumed, measured at their respective fair value.

Asking the right questions, we can identify and estimate the fair value of all assets and liabilities on the balance sheet, covering both intangible and tangible assets, in a fast and efficient way, and that on an international scale for companies operating across borders, to make sure your newly integrated business remains IFRS compliant.

Sustainable tax integration plan

Integrating a business is important to realise synergies. When preparing for the integration it is however equally important to think of a sustainable way to integrate the business from a tax perspective, to avoid losing cash (tax).

We can help you achieve a tax-neutral, optimistic, but sustainable way of integrating the business.

People and Organisation

We can help you scope out the people-related implications of the deal, covering people, organisation, employment laws, benefits including pensions, HR practices, compensation and the HR function, to enable you to identify and realise synergies as quickly as possible, and to get buy-in of your most important asset, your people.

We can also help reshape the employee cost base for greater efficiency.

IFRS expertise

The accounting effects of acquisitions are challenging and must be properly assessed as they not only influence reporting and future results, but impact your covenants and financial ratios too.

We can help you:

- assess the impact of clauses included in share purchase agreements and other financial arrangements
- account for purchase price allocation and draft related disclosures
- convert from existing GAAP and/or align the acquired firm’s accounting policies to those of your business
- align reporting processes and deal with “day two ” issues such as potential changes to segment reporting and goodwill impairment testing
- through the accounting and reporting complexities of carve-out financial statements.

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