Simplify a group structure

Cut complexity to thrive

Reduce the avoidable complexities that are stifling your business and reducing its value.

Corporate simplification

We can help you reduce costs and complexity, achieve an aligned and transparent way of doing business and a tax & legal structure which is flexible and fully in line with the intentions of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and with the current global and European tax environments.

With a simplified business and tax model, you’ll enjoy leaner back-office structures and fewer statutory filings, which means substantial cost savings, clear reporting channels and consistent information, which also reduce risk and make the task of compliance simpler, less costly and more effective.

You’ll also enhance flexibility and agility, better positioning you to successfully achieve your goals.

Carve-out readiness

We work with you to understand your strategic priorities, help you identify what systems and processes will need to be separated when the asset is sold and offer advice and guidance on how they can best be split as soon as possible after the deal has been signed.

Overall, we help you prepare the asset to be sold to perform as a stand-alone business going forward.

People and Organisation

We make sure that sufficient attention is paid to the human side of the transaction, covering people, organisation, employment laws, benefits including pensions, HR practices, compensation and the HR function, and help you develop a plan to reshape the employee cost base resulting from the simplification.

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