Customer insights should underpin every dimension of your customer strategy, whether it be customer experience design, marketing, sales or service optimisation.

It’s more than product, price and service – it’s also about convenience and getting to the right customer at the right time with the right offering.

Can you truly claim commercial excellence?

Are you aligning your brand promise, products and services, channels and pricing with your customers’ touchpoint and consumption experiences?

Get it right and you’ll enjoy customer engagement and increased revenues; get it wrong and you risk losing customers, negative impact on your corporate reputation and loss in revenues and market share.

  • Are your marketing and sales strategies and operations in line with the rapidly changing behaviours and channel usage of today’s customer?
  • Are they integrated with service and operations in a way that drives increased effectiveness and efficiency?
  • Are you harnessing the value of data and building customer analytics into a core business competency?
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Are you getting a fair value out of everything that you have created?

Deep customer analytics can help you make sure that pricing is adaptive to your market and the ever-changing value perceptions of your customers. 

Making sure that pricing power is enabled in sales means your salesforce can defend your prices, considering your competitive advantage and the negation set-up.

How we can help

We can help you pursue true market differentiation by looking across conventional structures and addressing key challenges.

Marketing & sales

  • Overarching marketing and sales strategy, rooted in customer insight and analytics and end-to-end customer experience, and enabled by appropriate metrics
  • Dynamic, engaging digital marketing campaigns
  • Sales model and internal capabilities transformation 

Service & engagement

  • Customer service and engagement strategy aligned with your overall customer experience strategy
  • Channel switch to enhance customer engagement while lowering costs
  • Contact centre optimisation 

Customer analytics

  • Holistic data strategy to create new value levers
  • Identification of new sources of data and analytics techniques and approaches to generate value-adding insights
  • New data and analytics capabilities internally 

Customer strategy & experience

  • Customer segmentation
  • Co-creation of customer-centred value propositions, products and services
  • Customer lifetime value management
  • End-to-end customer experience using customer insight and analytics
  • Multi-channel, differentiated experience strategy based on journey mapping
  • Leveraging of digital technologies to optimise and enhance customer experience

Pricing & profitability

We help you:

  • Define a winning pricing strategy in line with your value proposition, channel strategy, and underlying business strategy

  • Assess the current pricing maturity of your company

  • Design effective price-setting and price-getting processes for an improved pricing maturity

  • Set up the organisation and governance structure you need to ensure pricing rigour and progress


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