Customer experience transformation

Customer expectations are evolving at an unprecedented pace, and attracting and retaining clients is more complex and challenging than ever.

Do you have the right elements in place to enable your teams to deliver an exceptional customer experience?

Your challenges

In the face of increased customer expectations created largely by the rise of digital innovation, now’s the time to improve the customer experience (CX) through digital transformation. Competition is fierce, and consumers can pick and choose with whom they do business. They expect a relationship with your company in which you know and anticipate their needs while delivering prompt and personalised services. You must provide  a flawless customer journey, or your business will get left behind. 

Maintaining and growing your customer base requires motivated, technology-enabled teams, fast and effective multichannel communications, accurate forecasting, profitable deals, an optimised marketing strategy, a trusted brand image and more.

In short, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors with every step of the CX. Do you have the proper tools and technology to provide a CX that sets you apart? 

CX transformation services tailored to your needs

How we can help

Our PwC CX transformation specialists will help you deliver a differentiated customer experience by enabling your people and using the power of technology.

We’ll work with you to evaluate your overall customer landscape, determine the segments to focus on, then consistently engage with those customers in every interaction across products, services, solutions, and brand messaging.

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With a huge portfolio of Salesforce implementations, PwC has extensive Salesforce expertise and experience.

Our highly skilled and certified consultants, developers, trainers and project managers will make your CRM implementation - and your customer experience transformation - a success

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Data integration

PwC’s Technology Consulting specialists excel in data and application integration, as proven by our long track record of successful projects. We’ll help you overcome any integration challenge, regardless of complexity.

We have in-depth expertise and certified developers to help implement world-class integration platforms. Our highly skilled team will deliver a smooth and timely integration.

Digital marketing

PwC offers a variety of digital marketing solutions. Our proven expertise in content management systems (CMS), Salesforce Pardot and Marketing Cloud solutions means we’re fully equipped to provide the right tools for all your unique digital marketing needs.

Customer satisfaction measurement

Discover how you can unlock more value from your customer satisfaction programme. How? By looking beyond the traditional metrics, taking a people-centric approach and leveraging the latest survey technologies, we enable you to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Why PwC?

Our unique Business, eXperience and Technology (BXT) approach to your company’s specific needs allows us to look at the business and technology aspects of your transformation journey through the lens of the user experience. By focusing on data, technology, process and people factors from the start, we help you overcome your customer challenges proactively rather than reactively, in an agile and interactive way. 

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