Customer satisfaction measurement

More than 90% of organisations measure customer satisfaction, yet very few turn customer feedback into immediate action and engage with their customers.

Do you have the tools in place to be truly customer-centric?

Your challenges

Despite the growing adoption of new tools and metrics, companies often fail to achieve a differentiated customer experience. Satisfaction is captured in silos instead of focused on meeting the needs of individual customers.

While gauging customer satisfaction via surveys is the norm, most don’t reach the entire client base and capture only a fraction of the customer experience spectrum. This leads to failure to understand client feedback and react in a timely and personalised way. The inability to properly engage with customers is mainly due to the lack of established processes, tools, accountability and expertise. 

Are you struggling to measure and improve your customer experience? 

Get more value from your customer satisfaction programme today

Get more value from your customer satisfaction programme today

How we can help

PwC’s dedicated specialists can help you unlock more value from your customer satisfaction measurement. 

Using our Customer Satisfaction Measurement Pyramid (CSMP©) approach, we’ll enable you to capture feedback across your customer journeys and deliver outstanding customer experiences, in an automated and cost-efficient way. By analysing customer feedback with artificial intelligence (AI) and automatically engaging the right people, we’ll help you deliver the differentiated experience your customers expect. 

PwC’s helped companies across all sectors to rethink their strategy, design and roll-out of successful customer experience programmes. Together with HelloCustomer, we provide AI survey capabilities to collect, understand and act upon customer feedback in real time. This enables you to monitor and respond to feedback organisation-wide, giving you the edge you need to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

4 steps to becoming customer-centric


Get feedback on each of your customer’s journeys and get a holistic view on your company’s customer experience in real time.


Analyse the voice of the customer with artificial intelligence and discover key drivers for customer loyalty and churn.


Share positive and negative customer feedback with the right employees at the right moment.


Deliver outstanding customer experiences by reacting to customer feedback in a human yet cost-effective way. Create moments that are worth sharing.

“In just three months, we launched multiple CSMP surveys and we now follow more than 70% of all customer journeys. The best part is that we can clearly see the effects of new projects on customer satisfaction.”

Customer Intelligence ManagerBelgian distribution network operator
Testimonials on customer satisfaction measurement

“We doubled our Net Promoter Score and our people feel empowered to try new things to make our clients’ experiences better.”

Head of Customer ServiceInternational industrial manufacturing company

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