Start-ups and scale-ups

We want to equip you with the skills to embrace new technologies and to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow

PwC supports start-ups by working with you to raise funds and assist with digitisation, internationalisation, expansion, emerging technology, growth strategy and regulatory issues and compliance

From start-up to scale-up and beyond

Start-ups drive innovation. We want to equip you with the skills to embrace new technologies and to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. We can guide you from the start-up ecosystem to the corporate world by leveraging our network and help you scale up.

It doesn’t end there. We help scale-ups continue to prosper by working together to assist you with taxation, financials, compliance and more.

Growing your business

PwC will help you establish a corporate structure and contracts with the flexibility to grow with your organisation. We can also identify legal and fiscal opportunities while minimising risk. There are many incentives available to start-ups such as research and development funds, tax relief for investors and more. We can help you exploit these advantages as simply and effectively as possible.


We assist with specific business drivers such as:

•  Transparent and efficient management structure

•  Protection, location and development of IP

•  Sustainable tax strategy

•  Internationalisation

•  Legal and business contract support


PwC has extensive experience in relevant tax and legal matters such as subsidiary vs branch (or 'single legal entity'), permanent establishment exposures, transfer pricing, withholding taxes, interest tax deductibility and much more.


A well-planned process is crucial to successful fundraising. Depending on your needs, we can support you with specific steps or assist from Strategy through Execution. We’ll help target the appropriate people with the relevant information, like in-depth arguments supporting the value of your company.


Specifically, we offer support with the following:

•  Writing a compelling investor document specific to those you’re targeting

•  Coaching management on the communication and negotiation strategy with potential investors

•  Consistency of your business and financial plan

•  Preparation of a valuation

•  Assistance with a tax-optimal fundraising structure 

•  Preparation and negotiation of the term sheet

Corporate ventures

Start-ups are looking for opportunities to foster and support growth. We assist them in defining their needs and finding the best match.


Specifically, we can:

•  Initiate introductions with corporates with a strategic fit

•  Prepare start-ups for corporate meetings

•  Offer support in reaching agreements

•  Assist start-ups with subsequent growth

Proud partner of Slush

Slush is one of the most dynamic networks for tech entrepreneurs in the world. PwC has been partnering with Slush since 2010 and became the first global sponsor of the organisation in 2015. To support start-ups and scale-ups, we organise a Pre-Slush Pitch competition each year.

The winner gets a full travel package to the main Slush event.


More about Slush

Our partners

PwC is a network partner of the following organisations, offering mentoring and coaching for business planning, valuation and funding:

Netwerk OndernemenRéseau Entreprendre Wallonie and Réseau Entreprendre Bruxelles, are part of the first mentoring association for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs in Belgium. Their mission is to contribute to job creation and the emergence of SMEs in our territories.

WinWinner is the matchmaking platform for growth financing, and facilitates private investments in Belgian start-ups, scale-ups and SME’s.

Antwerp Management School (AMS) offers high quality management education and research. With 'The Art of Corporate Venturing', a research project conducted with PwC and Law Square, AMS investigates the added value of corporate venturing with established family businesses and start-ups


The BlueHealth Innovation Center supported by Microsoft stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship at the crossroads of technology and healthcare in Flanders and offers professional support to young health tech start-ups. strengthens the ecosystem by facilitating partnering amongst its members. It creates value in the cluster by bringing expertise and a clear strategy to enhance the growth of its members, enabling innovation via a portfolio of activities and programmes.


Discover how by escorting IPee to Slush, PwC was able to help the Belgian start-up make connections to fuel faster business expansion.


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