Corporate venturing

The key to speed innovation

Did you know that companies that invested in innovation during the last financial crisis, emerged stronger and outperformed their peers?

However, when it comes to innovation, looking internally just isn’t enough anymore. Open innovation, and more specifically collaborating with young ventures, allows large corporations, steady as cruise ships, to get some of that speedboat agility in responding to the challenges that arise in today’s fast-changing environment

How could collaborating with startups help you innovate?

But... collaborating with startups isn't straightforward.

Too often, corporates enthusiastically embark on an open innovation journey, unprepared.

We can help you explore what corporate venturing could mean for your company, and support you in finding your key to success.  

Are you 'startup-fit'?

By performing our Startup Fitness scan, we check your fitness for open innovation collaborations with young ventures and identify action points increasing the efficiency of your open innovation, focusing on three aspects:

  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Organisation 



What about a clear strategy?

A lack of a well-defined corporate venturing strategy or lack of alignment with the overall corporate strategy are often reasons why collaborations between corporate companies and startups fail.  

‘What do you want to get out of these collaborations’ sounds like a straightforward question, but all too often it’s a difficult one to answer. We can help you define the goals and vision that are crucial to make corporate venturing a success. 


What type of collaboration is right for you? 

From attending a hackathon once in a while to setting up an own corporate venture capital fund, there are numerous ways of collaborating with startups. But… which are right for you? 

Based on your goals and vision, but also taking into account the resources that you are willing to dedicate to this corporate venturing strategy, we can help you determine the most suitable approach and help you understand the key attention points.

Let’s get those collaborations started!

We support your corporate venturing journey from strategy to execution. We have the expertise and experience to support you with:

  • Organising a hackathon;
  • Running your own accelerator programme (Scale+) ;
  • Setting up a CVC fund from A-Z;
  • Providing M&A support specifically for startup targets;
  • And much more!
PwC’s corporate venturing podcast

PwC's corporate venturing podcast

How can these cruise ships and speedboats successfully join forces?

Discover more about it in our corporate venturing podcast!

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