Corporate venturing

The key to speed innovation

Looking internally for innovation is no longer enough

When you’re open to external collaboration, you can find new ways to reduce costs, accelerate time to market for new products and services, increase differentiation and identify new streams of revenue, and that for everyone involved!

Get access to new technologies

Differentiate yourself from the market

Get a broader view on upcoming trends

New, disruptive ways of thinking

Foster internal entrepreneurship

Gain new knowledge and competencies

Start-up Fitness

Start-up Fitness

How ready is your company to collaborate with a start-up? We can help you assess your readiness and in which areas your organisation could improve how you collaborate, focusing on strategy, communication and organisation.

The Start-up Fitness assessment is carried out via six to eight interviews with relevant stakeholders within your organisation. 


With our Scale+ programme, we bring together selected, cutting edge technology start-ups and large organisations to foster innovation, enable co-creation and solve important problems. Using our established network of experts, leading start-ups, and advisory specialists, we make innovation simple, cost effective and repeatable. 

The benefits of Scale+?

  • Hand-picked start-up to solve your challenges
  • Integrated partnerships with game-changing technology
  • Increased competitiveness in the digital market environment
  • Unleash the entrepreneurial talent of your employees
  • Showcase your brand in innovation
  • Rapidly test new technologies cost-effectively
The benefits of Scale+
PwC’s corporate venturing podcast

PwC's corporate venturing podcast

How can cruise ships (large corporates) and speedboats (agile start-ups) can successfully join forces? Discover it in PwC's corporate venturing podcast!

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