Contract & controls assurance

Enhancing trust and transparency

We can help you make sure that suppliers deliver in line with contractual agreements and manage third-party relationships optimally.

As a service provider, can your customers depend on your systems, procedures and controls to offer the quality of the services they require and expect?

  • Do you outsource an activity or function to a third party?
  • Partner with another company?
  • Entrust information to the cloud or use a shared service centre?

How confident are you that you’re truly respecting the privacy and compliance concerns of your customers? Can you prove you’re doing the right things and doing things right; that you’re delivering services in a controlled and compliant way? Can those providing services to you say the same? Are you comfortable that your service providers’ controls and compliance efforts are adequate?

That’s what third-party assurance is all about. A third-party assurance report offers an independent, transparent view on controls and compliance-related matters to help ensure the quality of delivered services.

Contract & controls assurance. Enhancing trust and transparency

Are your suppliers doing what they say?

  • Do you know what your suppliers mean for your organisation?
  • Are you doing the right things and doing them right?
  • Do you have sound policies and processes in place, with effective controls?
  • Are they delivering what you expect?
  • Are you getting value for money?
  • Do you have a balanced partnership with suppliers built on trust?

Poor contract management can result in crisis and loss of reputation. Conversely, by managing third-party relationships well, you can generate real cost savings and competitive advantage.

We can work with you to determine the most appropriate third-party assurance solution for your organisation

How we can help

We have extensive experience in helping service organisations report on their controls or contract compliance and helping many enterprises assure that contract terms are being met as expected.

We can work with you to determine the most appropriate third-party assurance solution for your organisation: type I or type II ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70) or another report/attestation, such as listsd below.

  • SOC 1 / ISAE 3402
  • SOC 2 - SOC 3
  • WebTrust for CA's
  • ISAE 3000
  • ISRS 4400 - “Agreed upon procedures”
  • Trust Services Principles and Criteria for Security
  • Availability
  • Processing Integrity
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX)
  • We can also help with ISO certification.

Delivering a valuable, trustworthy audit opinion

Once the most suitable assurance approach has been identified for your organisation, we can accompany you along every step of the process, from defining the roadmap to producing and delivering the report. That includes preparing you for the attestation audit and providing training and support. If controls fall short, we can help you improve them and make sure they’re adequate. We can also carry out the actual review in order to provide a valuable, trustworthy audit opinion.

If your organisation is dependent on service providers, but you’re not sure about their controls, we can work with you both to get the assurance you need, discover if there are issues and find appropriate solutions.

Our experience spans all major industry sectors, including financial services, logistics, asset management, pension and fund administration, group insurance and IT service providers. We take a highly flexible approach to helping you provide or get the right assurance for you. We can also help you improve your control environment and avoid typical pitfalls.

Realising the value of major contracts

We can help you assess whether suppliers are delivering in line with contractual agreements. We can analyse your contract landscape to identify contracts with the highest risk of value erosion and perform a detailed contract review to discover anomalies, calling on our extensive data analytics capabilities where required.

We assess the value of the services you pay for so you can be sure they’re adding the expected value to your organisation. 

We can also help you renegotiate or draw up new arrangements and make sure you’re developing optimal supplier relationships from the outset.

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